A spiced filled culinary trip at The Mill, The Grand Millenium KL


So I was over at The Mill Café with my one of my best friends… I was asking him where we should go for a nice dinner when he said he wanted to try something different.. and well, with Deepavali being around the corner…we decided to go for some Indian style cuisine…


Coincidently, my favorite restaurant which I had not been to in quite a while, The Mill Cafe at the Grand Millenium Kuala Lumpur has a Tiff -Inn night… and we made reservations…


Stepping into the Grand Millenium Kuala Lumpur is always an unexplainable feeling of coming home to somewhere familiar yet exclusivity because of the gorgeous grand chandelier that never fails to mesmerize me every time I step inside the hotel’s lobby…

We could have taken the lift /elevator to the restaurant, but decided to instead take the beautiful curved stairs to the restaurant on the first floor where we were welcomed and shown to our seats..


Once settled down we got up and headed to the buffet line to check out the generous array of authentic Indian cuisine painstakingly prepared by Grand Millenium’s specialty chef Makhan Singh who hails from Uttar Pradesh of northern India…


The dishes are all freshly made using only the finest ingredients as you will be able to tell by the burst of spice and flavors in your mouth….


You will definitely be delighted in the glorious line up of appetisers, snacks, mains, curries and seasonal specials….


Upon talking to the chef, we learn that Chef Makhan comes with over 30 years of culinary expertise, and loves paying attention to the finer details so that he can bring out the best in Indian cooking with a focus on core Indian spices….

He has also participated in Salon Culinaire Malaysia in the Asian meal category, he has an innovative culinary approach and is set to surprise guests with the robust flavours of his exceptional dishes..


Some of his signature dishes which he generously brought us around to see and try are the tandoori naan, seekh kebab, biryani rice, fish tikka and prawn maharaja…

The highlight of the buffet are the pickle and chutney bar, plus his must-try chicken makhani which follows an age-old recipe from his homeland, prepared in a traditional Indian clay pot…

More niche dishes include palak paneer, chicken tawook, kabuli chana masala, roasted lamb on tandoori and home-style curries with a twist for evolving palates.

Chef Makhan believes that diversity is an integral part of Indian cooking and he invites you to embark on a unique journey to a little piece of India….

I love that Chef Makhan also controls the usage of sugar… since many Indian desserts can be super sweet but when it came to his desserts, they were just sweet enough but not enough to make you feel you were going to have to cut your leg off from diabetes.. hahahah (ok, a little too melodramatic…)


Anyaay, Tiff-Inn Night serves up about 90 items every Friday between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm….

Priced at RM 128.00 nett per person, the Indian-themed buffet dinner is available at The Mill Café, Level 1 of Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur.

For reservations or enquiries, please call +60 3 2117 4163 or email mill@millenniumhotels.com.


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