Tourism Productivity Nexus – Kota Kinabalu


Tourism industry players from Peninsula Malaysia are currently encouraged to make productivity their main focus point as well as possibly emulating the Sabahan Tourism practises…

As many as 70 travel agents participated in this edition of Showcasing Tourism Products in Sabah, alongside tourism product operators in Sabah who were also present for the launch of Tourism Productivity Nexus and the business networking sessions…


The Showcasing Tourism Product (STP) Sabah (which I was fortunate enough to join) was launched at the Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, and entrepreneurs and those who are looking to start businesses, and especially those from the Tourism Industry are naturally encouraged and recommended to empower themselves with productivity as well as emulate Sabahan Tourism success which also make cleanliness, maintenance of the infrastructure and the upkeeping of individual tourist destinations…


Sabah, the Land below the Winds was chosen as the last Showcasing Tourism Products destination for the year… after Negeri Sembilan, Terengganu, Pahang dan Sarawak as well as a role model for other Tourist Destinations….


For the Sabah edition of STP, travel agents were taken to tourist destinations such as the KDCA Cultural Village in Penampang, the Chanteek Borneo ethnic museum in Tuaran, Kinabalu Park, Desa Dairy Farm in Kundasang, Poring Hot Springs, Sabah Tea as well as the Tagal Fish Spa in Kg Luanti, a natural river with wild river fishes coming up to nibble and rub against your feet…in the Kinabalu Highlands…


In 2017, tourist arrival statistics recorded 3.68 million visitors spending a total of RM7.8 billion….

As for this year, up until September, Sabah has already recorded a total of 2.56 million tourists which is a rise of about 5.4 percent…


Tourism industry players are also reminded and encouraged to start using digital technology in promoting and strengthening the tourism industry, onw of the reasons MPC has introduced the ezBE (Easy Business Excellence) to enable easier electronic productivity platform that enables stakeholders (travel agents, tour operators, hotel operators and transport operators) to maximise their business opportunities through opportunities and information sharing…. in the bid to expedite productivity growth in the country, which is exactly in the 11th Malaysian Plan ( RMK11)


Productivity will be the game changer and each sector that moves together with the Productivity Nexus will eventually play the main role as change agents…

Besides ezBE, Tourism Productivity Nexus also launched their special platforms for industry players which is thr Tourism Arrival Performance System (TAPS) and Tourism B2B…


Presently most tourists that arrive in Sabah are Free Independent Travellers (FIT) and this is in line with Sabah Tourism Procts which consist of eco tourism, backpacking as well as put station travels…


There are an estimated 15 other potential Tourism Products that can be developed into potential tourist destinations… such as the Trusmadi Mountain, Laing Mountain and so on…

When it comes to flight frequecies, there are currently 14 companies offering flights to Kota Kinabalu with a weekly frequency of 176 flights for international sector and 418 domestic sector flights in operation at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport(KKIA).

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