4 Hotels You Should Consider When in Manila, Philippines

4 Hotels You Should Consider When in Manila, Philippines

The capital of the Philippines is naturally the most crowded. Additionally, the country’s tropical and humid heat may sneak up on you when you least expect it. A great way to combat these hassles is to pick a beautiful oasis to stay at in the midst of the bustling city. Here are four hotels for your consideration should you be heading to Manila, Philippines.

The Peninsula Manila

image 1

The Peninsula Manila can be found right at the heart of Manila’s business district, Makati City. Being the oldest luxury hotel in the Philippines, the Peninsula Manila draws people in with its classic yet opulent touch. Each room here is equipped with spacious marble bathrooms and modern amenities like the TV, executive desk, and WiFi.

Meanwhile, the facilities include a garden-clad swimming pool and a spa with Philippine, Japanese, and Swedish treatments, plus a fitness center. The Peninsula Manila’s vast lobby also serves as a dining and bar area, and it serves one of the best (and also priciest) Halo-Halo, a Filipino dessert, in the country.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

image 2 sofitel

Sofitel Manila boasts of its “French art de recevoir blended with the gracious and heartfelt warmth of the Filipino spirit.” Its chic bars and restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, while the rooms are of elegant simplicity.

Perhaps the main reasons to stay here aren’t the rooms or its location. Sofitel has a rather spectacular river-style pool with an island, artificial beach, and a few bridges. Also, its Spiral buffet is also one of its highlights. To give you an idea of how amazing it is, the TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards listed it as one of the Top Favorite Dining Restaurants in Asia for a few times.

Hyatt Regency Manila, City of Dreams

image 3 hyatt regency city of dreams

The two gold towers of the Hyatt Regency Manila are recognizable from miles away. It is located within Entertainment City, which is set to be Manila’s Vegas-like area. Being a five-star hotel, Hyatt Regency Manila’s luxury accommodations definitely do not disappoint. But its variety of entertainment options are its biggest attraction.

Housed within are lively nightclubs, the Dreamplay entertainment center, a newly added VR Zone, and its impressive adult casino which boasts of opulent interiors. If you’re after the casino but think that the hotel is beyond budget, there’s no need to worry. The local government does allow certain forms of online gambling. In the online realm, you can choose websites that offer almost the same opulent, elegant experience as traditional casinos. Gambling gives a great example by showcasing a variety of top casino sites that have a luxury feel. By opting for these digital alternatives, you can then have more room to enjoy what the other entertainment options the hotel has to offer.

The Manila Hotel

image 4 the manila hotel

The Manila Hotel is a highly recommended choice for those who want quick access to the city’s best historical attractions. The hotel itself has a Spanish era charm. The hotel, also known as the Grand Dame of Manila, immediately welcomes you with its grand ballroom lobby that oozes of old-world elegance. The staff are also dressed in traditional Filipino attire.

While the hotel character is mostly classic, its rooms feature modern amenities as expected from luxury hotels. Even the bathrooms have TV screens which you can view from your bathtub. The hotel is located by the bay, that’s why its pool and fitness center are situated on the side facing it.

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