Travelogue Malaysia – Belum Rainforest Resort


The Belum Rainforest Resort is located just at the edge of Pulau Banding, an island in Gerik, Perak and it is part of the 130-million-year-old jungle of the Royal Belum State Park….


Being about 300,000 hectares in size, the huge forest complex is about four times the size of Singapore… and naturally home to some of the world’s most endangered mammals like the Malayan tiger, Malayan Sun Bear and Asian elephant…


It is said that there are also over 3,000 flowering plant species, including three species of Rafflesia, the world’s largest single flower…



This was my 2nd time back at the Belum Rainforest Resort and it definitely felt like I was coming home as I stepped onto the property… The Belum Rainforest Resort features modern deluxe suites, traditional chalets, a VIP villa and an infinity pool..


Simple, spacious and stylish, (our room for the duration of 3 days 2 nights) the deluxe suites named Cengal comes with a pretty unique space, where the bedroom and bathroom are one but can be separated by sliding wooden panels…


The rooftops one floor above provide a wide and open area for barbecues and get-togethers, or just a quiet place to simply admire the sun rising or setting over the rainforest…


The infinity pool which is across the little road from our rooms is pretty with an amazing view… and offers an indulgent place to lounge or well to cool off from the hot humidity…


For those who need some luxurious touch or stay as well as VIP treatment, check put Villa Tanjung Wan.. which is tucked away at a quiet corner of the resort, a little further up from the Belum Rainforest Resort jetty…


The Villa Tanjung Wan is a new eight-bedroom villa can accommodate up to 18 people comes with cosy living area, chandeliers, a modern kitchen and even a private infinity pool….


We had our meals at the Hornbill Restaurant that offers a modest selection of Asian and Western fare as well as buffet dinner and breakfast…


Next to the Hornbill Restaurant, the Azlanii rooms are located.. as well as a small pond with river fishes…


The Sidai Café which is near the reception area of the resort is pretty cosy, laid- back and serves some western fare…


Of course we cannot miss out on the boat tours, and we went to Kampung Semelor to visit the indigenous tribes who are now kind of modernized with help from the Emkay Group… and where their young are taught to play, read, write, colour and also do paper crafts in little pre schools called the Toy Library before eventually getting sent to study in schools…


Another place we visited was the Ruok waterfalls where you can also find the Mahseers fishes there… but we trekked a little further up from the waterfalls with the kind guidance of our guide and boat captain En Mazlan… to see a dead rafflesia as well as its “new born” buds which will likely flower in 3 years time..


The weather was damp and there were leeches and I was half terrified since I chose to hike up barefooted.. (being my 2nd time here) and I practically speed up my movements determined not to be a victim or stand still too long in one place… and I got back to the boat blessedly free from those little vampires… a few of my friends became victims though… lol


Belum Rainforest Resort offers other activities such as bamboo rafting, night trekking and frog hunting (just around the ponds at the resort itself)…

You can also rent the houseboat which can accommodate up to 16 pax for leisure cruise around the lake….

Address – Belum Rainforest Resort, Pulau Banding, 33200 Gerik…

Website –

The Perak Travelogue is brought to you in a collaboration between Borakkita Media / Travelogue Malaysia and The Influenzas team.. supported by Emkay Group of Hotels. Thanks to our main sponsors – Belum Rainforest Resort  for accommodation and excursions and Aidil Travel for the return transport…


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