Bringing Curated Vietnamese Experiences to Malaysian Travelers, an e-commerce platform dedicated to authentic Vietnam travel experiences, today launched its portal in Malaysia, the first of its South East Asian launches.


True to its promise of curated Vietnamese experiences, the launch held at Colony KLCC was filled with quintessential Vietnamese elements such as Vietnamese coffee, rice rolls and traditional hats.

photo-5-Cave Exploration focuses on curated travel experiences in Vietnam, catering to the ever-growing interest of independent travelers who prefer modular traveling packages that bring them not only to popular destinations which are common and crowded but also to pave the path to non-commercialised idyllic locations off the beaten track. Rising numbers of tourists who springboard from Malaysia to Vietnam, is the highest among South East Asia with more than 400,000 visitors recorded for the first 10 months in 2018.

Mr. Kingston Lai, founder of, noticed that there are many under the radar destination and experiences which he feels should be made known to the more curious traveler. “Vietnam is a charming country with loads to see wherever you go. For sunshine and beach, Phu Quoc offers crystal clear water and water activities.

photo 1-A-O-SHOW

For spectacular natural sceneries, Hanoi has many options within a two-hour drive. Hoi An offers rich historical and cultural heritage. You can always visit Ho Chi Minh City for its cool urban vibe,” he shared his travel experience in the country.

photo-4-Phu quoc_island_hopping

Inspired by his trips to Vietnam, Mr. Lai decided to initiate an e-commerce platform specialised to cater for Vietnam travel. is a one-stop travel booking platform which enhances qualityauthentic travel experiences, making it easy for travelers to book curated packages, and for travelers to bring home memories with keepsakes.

“We are looking forward to roll out’s mobile app in Q2 2019 to make independent travel options more accessible,” he further enthused. is based in Ho Chi Minh City, a city with an innovative young population who are embracing technology and home to an emerging e-commerce market.

The travel platform will not only focus on curated on ground packages but also expand to include must-haves conveniences such as Visa on Arrival Application, SIM Card and Private Transportation, as well as more takeaway memories with workshop activities such as lantern making and silver making as part of its business model.

Recently has expanded its business scope to include Vietnamese gift sets in the form of Vietnamese local delights and handcraft products, dining options such as dining with sign language, and the hiring of private tour guides.  As a sustainable business platform seeking integration with the local travel community, aims to build a network of Vietnamese local partners and create a stronger revenue stream for them by promoting their services through the e-commerce site.

Travelers from Malaysia will enjoy 12% off storewide with exclusive promo code FAYPARTYMY18 when booked and travelled before 31 January 2019.

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