Top 10 Bucket List you can Accomplish at Sunway Lagoon

Every new year people from all aroumd the world make new year resolutions and even bucket lists…


The concept of bucket lists will normally include places one wants to visit, experiences one wants to undergo and accomplishments one wants to master… So a bucket list would be a list of everything that you want to be, do, have, and experience in life….

Compiling a bucket list is both an exercise in wishful self-improvement—learning to speak French, training to run a marathon, etc. However, with this time and age, we understand that most of us are not able to accomplish what we want to….

This New Year, why not dare yourself and start a bucket list of 10 things to do which you can achieve all in one place, the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park !

Now, before we begin, we would like you to get a paper or you may open your “notepad” on your mobile phone (an environmental friendly way) and write down the below “Top 10 Bucket List That is Easily Accomplished at Sunway Lagoon” and I promise you it is gonna be fun!!!


pirate's revenge 3-625x351

1. Seeing the world upside down with Pirate’s Revenge

p1010094-1843x1382scuba diving in the city (1)-1013x760

2. Scuba Dive in the city


3. Conquer your fear of height at Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

4. Take the ultimate leap of faith with Bungy Jump

spongebob splash adventure 2-625x468

5. Get slimed at SpongeBob Splash Adventure


6. Up close & personal with the blue-eyed White Tigers

surf beach-625x416

7. Catch the 8ft “Waves of Fun’

monsoon 360-625x417

8. Challenge yourself to a vertical intense free fall water ride at Monsoon 360

scream park (2)-625x416

9. Have a spine-chilling experience where the evil resides at Zombie Acapolypse

10. Take extreme to a whole new level and get shot upwards on the G-Force X

And bow head over to Sunway Lagoon and start checking off these bucket list like I did…(except for the monsoon 360 and bungee jumping – have to find my nerve to do it still) and you are off for a great start of the year! Happy 2019!


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