Nicodemus : Demon of Evanishment at The VOID, Skytropolis, Resorts World Genting

20190119_175903-01-864x1152I was all ready for my 2nd VOID experience with my dear influencer friend who had also experienced the VOID before with me.. However, the first time we entered the VOID it was in the Star Wars realm


After getting suited up and briefed.. with my partner and another couple entering the VOID into the 1800’s realm.. I jumped in surprise, all within 30 seconds of entering The VOID at the Skytropolis st Resorts World Genting…. I was seriously gasping and clutching at my friend’s arm a few minutes later since there was a bloody “pocong” jumping right in front of me…


This was all we had to experience at Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment experience at the VOID… The experience is a dark tale set in Chicago during the 19th Century, with the city holding a massive exposition… where during the event one of the attractions malfunctioned and suddenly released evil into the world…

People began to go missing so the entire area is closed down…

Fast forward to present day and well… we are the team that is being sent back in time to investigate what happened and perhaps get some answers…


The experience is definitely different from our experience in the Star Wars experience as our group of 4 was suddenly split in half… The couple with us disappeared in front of our eyes while my partner and I wandered gingerly through the experience together…


There were no laser guns this time around, but there were a series of rooms with puzzles to solve from fuses that needed to be changed in a machine, and wheels on valves which had to be turned precisely in order to get the correct alignment (though to be honest I don’t even know what I was doing..)


In one of the rooms there are three dioramas without power. At the first diorama on the left side of the room I spotted something that looked a book glowing… Sitting on a shelf at the front of the diorama there was an outline of a hand glowing in red… My partner put his hand on the shelf… and horrors.. a little mechanical executioner wielding a big axe emerged from a door at the back of the diorama and started sliding over to his hand…. He quickly grabbed his hand back from the shelf. The executioner stopped moving. We laughed nervously and moved to the next destination..

Then there is the area where we finally catch up with the other couple, and we enter a metal elevator… however we got a nasty surprise as Nicodemus starts clawing at us through metal elevator railings…


The experience was pretty scary, entertaining and definitely an amazing experience since I never quite expect getting to immerse myself in such a unique experience…

Tickets for the experience is available for pre-order on Single admission for Nicodemus : Demon of Evanishment is RM90 each… as well as for Ghostbusters…

You can also try out Star Wars: Secret of the Empire and Ralph Breaks VR st RM130 each. Enjoy savings of up to 20% when you purchase a Package Deal starting from RM324 for four….

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