CNY 2019 – Crazy Rich moments at Lost World of Tambun


Chinese New Year is a time family get together and where the atmosphere is echoed with laughter, red lanterns that exudes vibrancy along the streets and the abundance of delicious homemade cookies that fill the tummy…


With its ‘Crazy Rich’ theme this festive season, Sunway Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT) has transformed into a land of fortune to bring prosperity to visitors from 5th to 19th February!

Sunway Lost World of Tambun is a “lost paradise” that promises fun and wholesome experience for all ages, but also a conducive learning environment with a range of fun-educational elements around the park…


I always enjoy my trip there and it is never a dull moment there as I strongly believe Sunway Lost World of Tambun is one of the most value for money themed park around… For the entrance fees.. you get to enjoy so many different parks from the waterpark to the amusement park, adventure park, tiger valley, tin mine, wildlife park and petting zoo… and each of these parks promises and never fails to deliver memorable precious moments spent there with friends, loved ones and family…


I just love the Tiger Valley with the tigers and Cerval cat… as well as the intelligent animals that made up the animal show, just before the highlight which is the Tiger feeding happens…

The petting zoo and wildlife park is just as exciting.. and I simply never get tired meeting the adorable and not so adorable (like the cobra, snapping turtle, monitor lizards) animals..

Going into the Haunted Chambers took a lot of courage and nerve as it is seriously one of the scariest haunted house around ever…


We cannot resist the fun rides from the pirates ship and swing…even if we just had a full stomach from feasting st the Kukuntalu Hawker area…


Tea time at Ipoh Street was what food dreams were made off… It is without a doubt, my most favorite place to eat in the entire Lost World of Tambun…


I especially love the glamping site as well.. I was fortunate to stay another night there at the cosy glamping area… which I find just so romantic and magical (especially when it is evening, the park have closed and silent reigns over the park with all the fairy lights..)

The barbecue that we got added on to the glamping was just simply yummy.. it came on a little portable bbq griller and all the meat and fishes nicely marinated and half cooked so that we can get it ‘bbq’ed faster… there was even a few sticks of marshmallows for us to try… which was seriously yummy…

The bed is super cosy and I cannot help but make me a “nest” on the queen bed I got all to myself…by piling the pillows left and right of me…


The Lost World of Tambun is practically the only theme park in Southeast Asia thst features natural hot springs coupled with an array of contemporary attractions and rides… and we do so adore the hot springs as well…


And oh.. when night falls.. do not miss out visiting the magical world of the Illuminous Forest…

20190125_08014920190125_08021120190112_214053-01-837x627img_20190113_215403_793-01-864x648 well as catch “the Dragon” Helmy in his element at the Fire Percussion…

For Chinese New Year, there are plenty of activities and performances which have been lined up this season such as the art of divination – ‘Crazy Fortune Teller’, ‘Golden Dragon’ and ‘Sweetest Stack’ that will keep visitors entertained throughout their stay. For a more joyful touch, visitors can participate in the intriguing contests in store and stand a chance to win amazing prizes!


Other happenings at LWOT include meet and greet sessions with the God of Prosperity and the ‘Crazy Rich Dynasty’ play, that has themes surrounding the importance of being kind and helpful to others, and to remember one’s roots as highlighted in Chinese martial art history

There are more reasons to celebrate with the ‘Spin It Rich’ game at Malayana Village from 1.00pm to 1.30pm every Friday and Saturday. For craft enthusiasts, check out the ‘Awesome Playhouse’ for a creative ‘Prosperous CNY Ornaments’ craft and skills session.
Complete the Chinese New Year experience with a traditional lion dance performance by being the first to witness the exclusive and unique acrobatic Lion Dance and LED Dragon Dance on 5th and 6th February at LWOT. Register online for the ‘Lou Sang’ session for a prosperous toss and better luck with loved ones throughout the year!

For more details on Lost World Of Tambun, call +605 542 8888, visit or connect to its Facebook page at

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