Skytropolis Funland, Resorts World Genting

Resorts World Genting’s new Skytropolis Funland is now opened…


The newly revamped indoor theme park is a portal to a new dimension of fun, which will take guests on thrilling adventures and adrenaline-packed rides…

From its entrance with actual moving gears, to the thousands of colourful light bulbs that deck out each ride, every inch of the indoor theme park promises extreme fun as my bestie and I found out…

The Skytropolis Funland is spread across four floors and is super immersive with mega large LED screens on the walls and even on the ceiling (over 50 meters in length) that light up the park…making a visit there an unforgettable time for the whole family….

Currently there are just 13 rides introduced, with another nine coming soon!!!


Covering 400,000 square feet, the indoor theme park includes Asia’s first The VOID hyper reality centre, BigTop Video Games Park and soon the Imaginatrix that combines physical rides with virtual reality…

Resorts World Genting invested over RM300 million into revamping this new indoor theme park…

15 favorite rides from the previous outdoor theme park were revamped with an entirely new look since these rides remain a big part of almost every visitor’s childhood…


7 new cutting-edge rides will be introduced to visitors to experience for the very first time including Power Surge, Disco!, Sky Tower, Spin Crazy, Bumper, Boo Boo Bump, Tea Cups and Balloon Race…

Divided into Child, Family and Thrill categories, each of the rides has been specifically designed with a breathtaking kaleidoscopic atmosphere…

Kiddies can start off merrily in the Ride ‘Em Round, a classic carousel of pastiche elephants, lions and horses, whirling around at speed….

Pick up the pace in the Whirly Bugs ride, where kids will be seated in pods rotating swiftly around a central spire. Boo Boo Bump provides a spin on the classic bumper cars, while Loop De Loop rotates frantically around an illuminated wrought-iron Genting Tower to shrieks of joy…

Kid-friendly drop tower Jumping Spurs with mild drops and climbs will be added soon…

There are many rides for the whole family to enjoy…. First, get the adrenaline started with the Copper Express vintage as it ‘choo-choos’ its way along a 61m track, providing a visual tour of Skytropolis Funland. Space Cadets elevates and spins passengers around for an exhilarating exploration of the solar system.


Bring things down to earth with a regal spin on the Royal Carousel, or stay up in the sky in emulation of Phileas Fogg and his journey Around the World in 80 Days in the Balloon Race. Coming soon are the magical mystery Tea Cups, the Charlot Cruise that loops around the park and the Soaring Ships which offers an aerial view that you can enjoy with the whole family.


My bestie and I are somewhat adrenaline junkies and since we did not have that much time to spend there… we hit the wildest rides… beginning with Spin Crazy which shows the world from very different angles where up is down and right is left, looping 360 degrees in the air around a central axis….


Then it was on to the Power Surge ride, an intense high-flying ride that had us spinning round and round and upside down, literally….

Then we got on to the Sky Tower ride… which took us to the top of an Art Deco tower at a leisurely pace, only to drop us at thrilling speeds to the base…. (but after going on a rope swing…this is not that scary anymore)


There are also super-sized version of bumper cars in Bumper Boss; Disco! will challenge guests’ orientation, swirling them around a disco ball on a rollercoaster track… and I am looking forward to upcoming rides such as the pendulum swing Stormy Voyage, fast spinning turbulent ride Music Express with sudden slopes and backward motion as well as the Super Glider, an old favourite that has daredevils in a suspended lie-down position with sharp turns, curves and sudden drops….

To complete the circus theme, Skytropolis will also introduce the Resort’s Highland Heroes, namely the animal ambassadors in 2019 – merry figurines that greet visitors at the entrance: Joe the Orangutan, Tabby the Tiger, Allie the Elephant, Geno the Dinosaur, Bennie the Bear and Callie the Dragon will be the recognisable faces of Skytropolis Funland. Cheerful mascots will also be on hand to spread joy to visitors sometime this year.

Those who enjoy ziplining can check out the Eagle Landing Zipline, which stretches 200 metres across the indoor theme park, four floors from the ground…

The zip line which is the longest in a shopping mall in Malaysia, offers a one-of-a-kind view of the indoor theme park for adrenaline junkies who will whizz through, high above everyone…

Tickets are at RM31 for one rider, RM25 for two riders and RM19 for 4 riders. A weight and height limit applies for participants.


Ticket pricing

Pay-per-ride tickets are priced at RM10 from Mondays to Fridays and at RM15 on Saturdays to Sundays, Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holidays and on School Holidays…

For those looking for an unlimited experience based on the available rides, the Skytropolis Funland Preview Pass is available at RM60. Tickets for Skytroplis Funland can be purchased at the Ticketing Counters or at the Self-Service Ticketing Kiosks.

Alternatively, Preview Passes may be purchased online at Operating hours are from 10am to 10pm.

Enjoy unbelievable great deals with up to 24% off on Combo packages

Combo A – RM70
* Skytropolis Funland (Preview Pass)
* Genting Bowl (1 bowling game)
* SeniKome Péng Hēng (Arts & Cultural Centre)

Combo B – RM90
* Skytropolis Funland (Preview Pass)
* SnowWorld
* SeniKome Péng Hēng (Arts & Cultural Centre

Combo C – RM160
* Skytropolis Funland (Preview Pass)
* The VOID (Hyper-Reality Experience)
* SeniKome Péng Hēng (Arts & Cultural Centre)

For more information, please call + 603 6101 1118 visit

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