Malaysians love nothing more then to eat… won’t you agree with me… We turn to food for comfort when we are hungry, angry, sad, happy and even when we are hanging out with friends or family…. and there is no denying I am one of those who enjoy good food…


With having said that… I have got great news, at least for food lovers like me…!!! Foodgasmfest is back and it is gonna be bigger and more better…

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For those wondering what Foodgasmfest is…. well, allow me to enlighten you.. Foodgasmfest is an annual food festival organised where visitors can find more than 100 different types of food in one place!!!


Foodgasmfest introduces local entrepreneurs, food traders and local independent food business people that get together to offer the most discerning visitor, a plethora of food prepared in both traditional and even the modern fusioned style….. yeah… traditional food always bring back fond and nostalgic memories… but fusioned food is also something else you really ought to try…

Having been around since 2013, Foodgasmfest has always received a
huge number of foodie fans from all walks of life from different corners of the globe who take the trouble to come indulge their taste buds at this impressive Malaysian food festival…

Personally, as a foodie who enjoys indulging my tastebuds and palate.. I know my friends and I are super excited about this year’s Foodgasmfest and can’t wait to check it out…


For this year, the Foodgasmfest is all set to turn into a food “market” where different food will be catered such as fruits, vegetables, fish and meat from the “wet market” to more than 100 types of local and international food offered at the “dry food market”…

Visitors can look forward to exciting live performances, art installations, fun activities, and many other fun activities… I know I would really love to go on one of those tethered hot air balloon rides with my besties and friends…. as well as check out all those yummy food available… what about you….

See you there at:

Venue: Central Park, Tropica Metropark, Subang Jaya

On the 2nd and 3rd March 2019 from 2pm to 10pm

For more info, check out



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