Ways to transform your toilet like the luxury hotel bathroom


You might find yourself missing the whole hotel ambiance and hospitality like the beds, pillows but also the luxe, photo-worthy bathrooms. The hotels put up a lot of thoughts and efforts into their bathrooms to transport you out of the functional and into the fantasy. If you think that your space is too small to work on and you are only allow to enjoy luxury bathroom when you are travelling, then you are mistaken. With few simple tricks, you can transform your Bandar Saujana Putra’s house bathroom into one that you will end up missing when you travel. You don’t need expensive touch up or major renovation to improve your bathroom to be like the one from hotel, all you need is some minor add ons that does not require you to cost a bomb.

Smell good

If you have done daily cleaning and diffuse some scents from fresh towels, soaps and shampoos contribute to the heavenly hotel bathroom experience. You can mimic this by incorporating relaxing scents like Lavender and Lemongrass by candles, essential oils and toiletries. You can add candles and aromatherapy burners, it’s benefit is included of creating relaxing ambience and adding warm light where you could enjoy your personal time with more quality.

Most of us do not have the luxury of daily laundry service, it is still important to replace your floor mats, hand towels and bath towels regularly. It will maintain freshness, hygiene and prevents mildew. Here’s a fun fact, mildew and mould are huge contributors to a foul-smelling bathroom, especially for smaller bathrooms or windowless ones in apartments. In order to prevent humidity build up, it is more efficient to install a bathroom ventilator. It will ventilate for quality and fresh air to the bathroom.

Look good

Appealing to the eyes are crucial too as it creates the feel and mood of what you see. It is what hotel bathrooms do best, looking aesthetically good and what causes it to look good is that the lighting. What you could do is to light both sides of the mirror with the warm and soft lighting for a flattering reflection. We highly recommend that to add more lighting around your bathroom like recessed lights and feature a pendant lamp or chandelier to draw the eye up, this will allow the bathroom to appear bigger.

Add a big, statement mirror and metallic or brass bathroom accessories like your drawer’s handles and faucet to go along with the rustic looks that is in trend now. It will add class and timelessness to the bathroom while acting as statement pieces. It will allow you to do away with decorative items that might clutter a small room, keep it simple and minimal to make it look spacious and bright.


Feel good

Have you ever notice that how the hotel rooms always have a lounge area like a bathtub complete with those cute and petite vanity items. In your own home, it may not be practical to install an air conditioner or bathroom into a small bathroom, you can still create a mini lounge area. Add a stool by a countertop stocked with your favourite masks, magazines, and a wireless speaker to enable mini escapes after a long day at work.

Add some beautiful carpets matching your bathroom colour palette. Apart from the functional purpose to avoid slippery and accident after showering, the colour and design of the carpet adds up the warmth feel in the bathroom as you are enjoying your bath tub.


Green is good

The quickest way to upgrade the ambience in the room is to add greens. There are all types of indoor plants available but due to the limited space in the bathroom, it would be advisable to include a small potted plants or succulents on your countertop or empty shelving for a touch of nature and some extra oxygen. Apart from live plants, you could add the elements of nature with wooden accents like eco-friendly toothbrushes, mirrors, counter organisers and even flooring.

Perhaps if you are worried about ruining the wood with water, you could seal your wooden items with water-resistant finishing. For extra measure, regularly dehumidify the bathroom with a ventilation fan.

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