Love MY Palm Oil Tourism Education Launch


MPOC today signed a memorandum of understanding with the Malaysian Inbound Tourist Association (MITA) to establish bilaterak cooperation and mutual development to identify and help promote palm oil education in the tourism industry…


The MoU covers active participation to promote tourisn related activities and disseminate positive messages to helo educate tourists on underatanding Malaysian Palm Oil and its products…; cooperating in tourism, palm oil, catering and hotel industries to jointly develop and promite palm oil eco- tourism education…; giving training to tour operators, tourist guides and related practitioners to diseminate accurate information about palm oil…; mutual support in various events identified to educate tourists on attributes of Malaysian Palm Oil and last but not least… encouraging cooperation and exchanging project development and brand image promotion….


MITA is a non- profit organisation that providesthe tourism industry players with a platform to further promote Malaysia’s destinations to foreign and local tourists…

MPOC on the other hand is also a non- profit organisation under the Ministry of Primary Industries, Malaysia which was established back in 1990… It targets expanding Malaysian Palm Oil market and products by promoting their attributes and encouraging better acceptance through awareness of various techno-economic and environmental sustainability advantages…


This tourism education initiative is part of the ongoing Love MY Palm Oil Campaign initiated by the Ministry of Primary Industries, to instill pride and greater appreciation of the benefits of Malaysian Palm Oil… the campaign will focus on socio-economic, health, nutrition, food, environment and non- food aspects of palm oil via engaging Malaysians through promotional, physical activities at national level as well as visually appealing, aesthetic value and social media platforms…


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