OlaBola the Musical 2019

Yours truly was over at the Istana Budaya with some of her besties to watch OlaBola The Musical…


This was not our first time and we knew what to expect but well, the beauty and breathtaking scenes of the movie which had been recreated for the stage by Tiara Jacquelina, with catchy and inspirational lyrics, great choreography and great acting still manage to blow us away…


OlaBola is a story of “Tauke” Chow Kwok Keong, the Harimau Malaya Football team Captain and his friend, the wannabe-sports commentator Rahman….


It also tells the story of the team’s goalkeeper Muthu, team star striker Ali and the rest of the colourful team… the challenges that each of the characters face, from team captain, Chow Kwok Keong who has to choose between his love for football and providing for his family and dealing with the new coach who introduces new strategies to his team to the star striker, Ahmad Ali suddenly faced with the introduction of a second striker as well as the dilemma of goalkeeper, Muthu, whose father is against his eldest son playing football instead of helping the family as well as Rahman who keeps believing and dreaming of being a sports commentator …


With each individual’s problems, the team members start to argue and fight leaving them all broken and divided…


Slowly, they eventually learn the importance of each player and realise that the team stands a better chance achieving the same dream when united and being there for one another rather then doing what they are just good at…

As usual… I give the entire cast and crew two thumbs up and if you have not yet watch it, please… please go and watch it!!! You will learn many lessons from this musical as well as fall in love with the songs… “I cover you cover me”….. eyh…


The musical will be on at Istana Budaya until 10th March 2019 so do take the chance to go watch it!!! It is perfect even for a non foot ball fan like me…


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