Ramadhan 2019 -Bazar Perdana at PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites On The Park Kuala Lumpur


PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites On The Park Kuala Lumpur is presenting a different kind of breaking fast this year with a more laid back festive Ramadhan bazaar…


With the theme Bazar Perdana, 10 Binjai reataurant which usually presents a casual concept has been transformed to a bazaar… with Ramadhan bazaar stalls to give diners the feeling of being at an actual Ramadhan bazaar…



According to the General Manager of PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites On The Park Kuala Lumpur, Encik Taha Zainal, the Bazar Perdana theme was chosen this year as it is somehow a symbol of Malaysian unity, since when you head to an actual one, the people who purchase food there is multi racial and thus, the hotel promises an exciting Ramadhan bazaar experience with various special menu…


To welcome the holy month of Ramadhan this year, Executive Chef Amran Adnan and his team have painstakingly prepared a buffet dinner with an assortment of taste with 188 variants of local dishes that promises to impress every hotel guest…


All visitors are guaranteed to be wowed by the Malay traditional menu prepared at the Bazar Perdana for the entire month of Ramadan…

Do head over and grab your early bird promotion at the Bazar Perdana Buffet Ramadhan for 10 Binjai Restaurant priced only at RM80.00 per person (normal price RM98.00 per person) seorang… before the 30th April 2019 ….


10 Binjai Restaurant is also presenting some of their jenis signature dishes for Bazar Perdana which is Sup Berempah Binjai, Kambing Golek, Apam Balik, Satay, Aiskrim Goyang, Ais Batu Campur (ABC) and also Murtabak Cheese which is one of the special menu at 10 Binjai Restaurant ramadhan break fast..

Visitors can also choose to try out the luxurious signature dishes as well as enjoy the magnificent view of Kuala Lumpur skyline on the 39 Restaurant…

2 - Kari Kepala Ikan-912x60820190404_160419-01-612x297

Here you can dine entertained with soothing music while indulging your tastebuds with the 39 Restaurant speciality dishes such the appetizing Kari Kepala Ikan and Sup Gear Box…

4 - Sup gearbox-912x608

The Bazar Perdana Buffet at the 39 Restaurant is priced at RM135.00 per person… But if you purchase your vouchers now.. you will get to dine here at just RM100.00 per person woth their early bird price…


Muslims can dine here with no worries at all as PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites On The Park Kuala Lumpur is Syariah concept and has been certified halal by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) since 2007…

The hotel has also set aside an area for solat and terawih prayers…

For reservations and more info, please contact …. : –

The 39 Restaurant
Promotional Price: RM100.00 per adult

Normal Price: RM135.00 per adult

Tel: 03-7490 3939

10 Binjai Restaurant
Promotional Price: RM80.00 per adult

Norm Price: RM98.00 per adult

Tel: 03-7490 3838



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