Food Review 2019 – SeoulNami BBQ, The Gardens Mall



In the north eastern SEOUL, where you can find the romantic Nami island, is a small city known as Chuncheon – pretty famous for its Korean BBQ chicken…

Inspired by this Famous Chuncheon Chicken, SeoulNami brings the Korean BBQ Chicken grill action to your table



Located at Gardens Mall, just right next to Robinsons, SeoulNami BBQ is the first on-table grill Korean BBQ outlet using fully halal ingredients (the place is alcohol-free too)… We were told that many sauces were made by their own chefs from halal ingredients..



SeoulNami BBQ serves you yummy Korean BBQ in its truest form, on high heat charcoal for a tantalising smoky aroma and a tasty caramelised crust, the Korean way!


Koreans love communal dining, as you can see on K dramas.. they love to get together, eat and chit chat and SeoulNami BBQ gives you a beautiful setting to hang out at… for gatherings and celebrations….

With bright neon signages, a colourful and fin decor, and soft K drama sound tracks music…. the place is just ideal for “lepakking” and “membawanging” (gossiping)


Just choose from Chicken, Beef, Seafood etc …and order what you want…to grill your meat, one of the staff will help you with the BBQ stove.


They served the Ssam Vege Wraps (for you to wrap your squid, chicken or beed with) and turned on the portable gas stove before placing the clay bowl on top of the stove..



…then the egg mixture was poured in with elaborate movements and left to steam for about 9 minutes…


It was pretty impressed by the steamed eggs on the table.. though it was a little bit salty so I guess you have to eat it with your rice…..



Our table-top grill was prepared by the experienced staff and hot coals were brought out and placed inside the centre of the table…


…and to my surprise, they popped the foiled wrapped goguma (sweet potatoes) into the coal bowls as well… no wonder it was called Goguma On Fire … it is left there until the end of our meal….




We had 2 different Chuncheon Chicken (RM59) (there are actually 4 flavours) – the spicy one – Hot Pepper Chicken (a combination of the hottest chilli in Korea, from Cheongyang and Korean gochujang paste….) and the sweet one – Honey Butter Chicken (inspired by Korean Honey Butter chips, this is made with Honey Butter BBQ sauce)…



..the chicken is grilled and then cut into bite sized pieces by the staff…


We also had the Beef Platter (RM119) consisting of Bulgogi, Beef Rib Fingers and Beef Belly…


Spicy Octopus – which also needed to be grilled before eating… hehehe…


Signature Kimchi Trio (RM29, only in SeoulNami) is an interesting combination of fresh, fried and smoked kimchi. We all fell in love with the smoky flavour of the smoked one….


Fist Rice (RM29)- we certainly had a fun time mixing the Fist Rice with our hands encased in the disposable plastic glove provided… After all the ingredients have been mixed well, then shape them into small bite sized rice balls… it taste somewhat like onigiri…


We also ordered the Korean Odeng Seafood Pot (RM49) consisting of an assortment of fishcakes on skewers and also shell fishes…loved this..


and the Fire Ramyeon (RM39) spicy ramen with some mix seafood… love the spiciness but did not like it too much as it was sweet… I prefer savoury and salty food to sweet food..


Charcoal Burnt Cheese Cake ( served in a little foil box) was also placed on the coals after the Goguma or sweet potatoes were taken out…. it was nice… and I actually loved this cheesecake (I am sooo not quote a fan of cheesecakes, if you must know)

For our refreshments, we had their Signature Drinks Out-Of-This-World Lemonade and well… my favorite, the Binggrae Banana Uyu Colada made with Korea’s favorite banana flavoured milk.


Address- SeoulNami Korean BBQ
F-215 The Gardens Mall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel- +603 2202 3336


Open from 11.00am to 11.00pm….

Strictly pork, lard and alcohol-free in the process of getting Halal certification… all ingredients are Halal though..

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