Food Review 2019 – Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls


So yours truly and two of her closest friends was over at Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls at Subang Parade by Ri-Yaz Global Food Brands, a subsidiary of the Ri-Yaz Group…


Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls is Ri-Yaz Global Food Brands first multicultural restaurant in Malaysia offering dim sum and Thai delights for all food enthusiasts…


We certainly enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy our fill of Sifu Lee’s handcrafted dim sum classics as well as authentic Thai street food including the famed boat noodles…..


The authentic handcrafted dishes prepared by Sifu Lee and his team for us included the steaming hot traditional “Lo Mai Kai” (RM9.00), Spicy Chicken Feet (RM9.00), Siew Mai Dumplings (RM9.50), “Har Gow” prawn dumplings (RM10.50) and Charcoal Custard Buns with salted egg yolk filling (RM9.50)…


Then we also enjoyed the Minced Meat Dumpling (RM9.50) with green chives and assorted Chee Cheong Fun, featuring the chef’s recommended Honey BBQ Chee Cheong Fun (RM10).


There is also Stir Fried Radish Cake in Dodo style (RM14), Crispy Mashed Taro Pie (RM9), “Woh Tip” dumpling with shredded ginger and vinegar (RM9.50)….

Yeah.. loving that Stir Fried Radish Cake… now I know where to get my fix…

….and Shanghai Pancake (RM12) that can’t be missed during your dim sum date.


Thai food lovers should not miss the highlights from the menu prepared by Chef Khun Ben, such as the four different types of Thai Broth Boat Noodles (RM2.30) (Nam Tok, Khao Soi, Tom Yum, Nam Sai), Khao Klukh Krapi shrimp paste rice (RM20), Crispy Som Tam (RM14), Gai Pad Prik Pao chicken wings (RM18) and Mango Sticky Rice (RM10)



I truly loved those chicken wings… so tastety and yummy… and those mango sticky rice was surely irresistible…


Beyond the indulgence to your palates, Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls’ brand of in-house service and Insta-worthy décor which is modern, bright, cheerful and stylishly designed wall art sets it apart from the regular dim sum and Thai eateries….

Ri-Yaz Global Food Brands is looking to launching more of these Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls branches at popular malls in the Klang Valley in the near future…


For more information about Dodo Dim Sum & Bowls, visit and

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