9. Empire Damansara @chris2as

Nowadays, with the invention of sophisticated high tech phones, everyone can take pictures like a professional. For the Instagram lovers who are thirsty for beautiful sceneries, Selangor would be the preferred destination to encapsulate the best views of various Tourism segments.

Here are the top 10 places in Selangor to get the best photos.

1. batu caves @mariefeandjakesnow
1) Batu Caves, Gombak

Batu Caves is the place where 1.6 million tourists visit every year, an each year, the numbers of tourists’ increases. The uniqueness of the Batu Caves is portrayed with its “Rainbow Staircase” that has 272 steps reaching to the temple of Sri Subramanian. The temple is located inside the Batu Kapur itself and the place itself is actually a huge cave. Batu Caves is not only for a praying place but Tourists also can buy merchandise for themselves after sight-seeing and taking pictures. In addition, people can visit Mel’s Corner that serves cendol durian that is famous in the Gombak district.


2. Broga Hill @steffisupang

2) Broga Hill, Semenyih

Broga Hill is a popular place for people especially for youngsters and adults because the view from the top of Broga Hill is very beautiful when watch it on sunsets and sunrises. Hikers also can see the tower of KLCC from the heights of 1,312 above sea level. In addition, Broga Hill also known as Bukit Lalang by the local people and it is not far from Semenyih.

This place should be marked on your calendar because it is a place where the newbie can hike the hill too. If you want to park your car, there is a parking space that charge for RM1 per entrance. Make sure to be careful if you encounter a bad weather because the road up to the hill is slippery.


3. Laman Seni @bambamk_

3) Laman Seni Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

The mural painting is now available for the local people to take creative photos at Laman Seni Section 7 Shah Alam. It located at the back alley of business premises which have been cleaned by MBSA and the place is the tourists and locals spot to take pictures because of the colourful painting, painted by locals.

3. Laman Seni @irfannadawi

The painting also included the 3D painting that can deceive the eyes of the people. Moreover, you can go shopping on that area with a lot of food, health, and fashion premises such as JAKEL, Babah & Co., Wong Solo, Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, and Bubblegum Wax!


4. I-city @nureaian.k-

4) I-City Shah Alam

I-City Shah Alam is the place with a lot of LED lights that looks like a maple tree and pine tree. People with good at taking photos in low light mode are recommended to go to the I-City Shah Alam.

In addition, there is also other places that you can go at I-City which is Snowalk, Trick Art Museum, Water World, Red Carpet, Space Mission, and House of Horror. Snowalk is a house of igloo which the temperature is below 5 Degree Celsius.

4. I-city @nureaian.k

The Trick Art Museum is a 3D painting that will make you to pose in a cool way. Water World is a water theme park and have a huge water slide that called Tornado Ride. Red Carpet is a wax statues museum that is the largest in Malaysia. Space Mission is an exhibition of science technology about outer space. House of Horror is a ghost house for the bravest!


5. MSSAS @freeoversea

5) Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz, Shah Alam

The Blue Mosque is an amazing structure in Malaysia because of the interior architecture that features of modern and Malay structure.

5. MSSAS @humminglion

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque is a place where tourists will come and have a visit, also, people from locals will take photos at level 2 of mosque because the photos reflects beautifully at the foyer with some amazing illusion when people are standing nor sitting.

In addition, the mosque provide a Mosque Tour Guide Islamic Outreach ABIM, established in 2008.


6. Sekinchan @izzahhali

6) Sekinchan Paddy Field

Sekinchan is a place with huge paddy field and people would like to visit and take pictures because of the greenery nature along with beautiful blue skies.

6. Sekinchan @ireneyap

The tourists will come and find the right angle such as dynamic angle and wide angle, and shoot the pictures. Paddy field also is a choice to have a photo-shoot and sometimes it is for filming. In Sekinchan area, there is a fruit valley and the famous one is Mango farm. Sekinchan is very well known for its seafood dish.


7. tamarind square @mohdsyafiqhaiqalla .jpg

7) Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya

Tamarind Square is a place that features the greenery of flora at the wall of the building itself. People can take pictures and have a cup of coffee with a calm nature scenery.

8. Tamarind Square @akmalmahazir.jpg

In addition, people can rent a space for any events that can fit up to 250 pax to 1,000 pax. For bookworms, you can go BookXcess that provides place for reading. Tamarind Square also have cool restaurant such as Glaze Eatery and 10 gram Café. People can take flatlay photos and post it on Instagram!


9. Sky Mirror @yusriuse

8) Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor

Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor is a new destinations that is officially launched by Tourism Selangor and this place is being selected by the locals and international tourists to visit because the place need to go by boat.

10. skymirror @yukichinotabi

Sky Mirror is a destinations that similar with Bolivia South America. The fee to reach to the Sky Mirror is RM80/adult and RM40/child. It is open at 7.30am until 10.30am because the seawater is receding and the durations to reach the Sky Mirror is about 30 minutes to 45 minutes.


9. empire damsansara  @fikrasgram.jpg

9) Empire Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Empire Damansara is a place for local visitors to have a leisure activities because of the calm surroundings with a little touch of modernity. The modern building structure got the attentions from the local travellers because it is suitable for them to take photos. There is also restaurant that you can go which is Metal Box restaurant, Carpe Diem, Ramen Kanbe, Bungkus, Cat in the House, and Boat Noodle. For those who loves dessert, you can stop by at Epique, Seven Cups, and Haraju-Cube.


10. eco ardence @fariddaniell

10) Eco Ardence, Maya Park

Eco Ardence Maya Park is a good choice for locals to spend time together with the loved ones or with family plus, it has modern playground for the children to play.

10. eco ardence @seonermushi

This place is surrounded by big colourful containers with minimalist design. The containers is actually rental shops that is being reuse and make it amazing. There is Cocomomo which is a pet shop with a minimalist concept. Bamboo Biryani “Taste & See”, Aroi Mak Mak, Chaiwalla & Co. Container Café, Heritage Nyonya Cuisine, U-Mai, Hinata Café, and Let’s Joy Café.

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