8 things to do and go to when in Negeri Sembilan

So yours truly decided to go along on the #travel2n9 Media FAM trip to Negeri Sembilan…


In my opinion Negeri Sembilan is probably one of the overlooked states in Malaysia…because it is pretty much diversified in culture, rich in history and there is just so many beautiful sceneries, beaches and food….

So here I am sharing 2 fun places, 2 resorts, 2 places that does not even cost a cent to visit (except for your transport there) and a walking trail, you really should not miss out on in Negeri Sembilan…


Believe me or not.. I am myself guilty of underestimating some of these places (something like.. “ermmm, why are we going to this place”… kind of feeling before I stepped foot in and got wowed) …

Ok… lets start with the fun places…

1. The Adventurer’s Web, Nilai….

The Adventurer’s Web very recently open like less then 2 months ago… it offers fun and engaging activities in 3 innovative interactive zones… which are the Dinosaur Rangers, Monster House and Mini Science & Technology Discovery Center….

This is where you will scare yourself silly inside the Monster House.. The Monster House is pretty fun as you get to explore about 10 different rooms (I think) and there is 2 doors in each room.. an escape room if you think you had enough or if you decide to continue on in whatever horrors they come up with…and the rooms are really interesting!!!!


Some are cutesy.. some are scary.. some are filled with blood and gore, dead bodies littered around and body parts…


(Btw, the people who bring you the Monster House are the same ones who bring you the Ghost Museum etc in Penang)


Then head over to the Dinosaur Ranger pkace to check out the dinosaurs, excavate fossils and if you are brave enough, get chased by the aggressive T-Rex inside a maze at the Dinosaur Rangers place…


And learn science through the interactive exhibits related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathemetics) which if you gonthrough the exhibits one by one you will derive a lot of fun while learning…

I loved the whispering exhibit as well as well as having so much fun throwing soft plastic balls at the zombies to kill them…

There are also workshops, camps, seminars, science shows and science demonstrations planned…


Address – AEON Nilai Mall, 2, Persiaran Pusat Bandar, Putra Point, 71800 Putra Nilai

Website – www.facebook.com/pg/theadventurersweb

2. Segar City – Wild West Cowboy, Alive 3D Art Gallery, Lukut


Segar City is a town… it is actually one of the biggest town in Port Dickson…


We headed to the Wild West Cowboy Indoor Theme Park that came with a 5D motion cinema, amusement rides, arcade games and even escape rooms..

Our group headed for the 5D motion cinema and we had the most stomach churning experience since we “gila-gila”/ crazily decided to take a total of 4 rides!!!! Through 4 mini movies… roller coaster rides and one haunted house tour… we were all shrieking and screaming with laughter in the cinema from the movements and experience…


Then we decided to be overgrown kiddies and took the carousel and a couple of rides…


Since our time was pretty limited.. we then headed to the Alive 3D Art Gallery for a quick visit…


There are about 3 storeys of 3D art effect pictures and we had just so much fun posing and snapping away….

Address – Jalan DS 2/1, Bandar Dataran Segar, Lukut 71010 Port Dickson….

Website – www.segarcity.com

And then the 2 resorts you really need to check out… visit, stay and play….

3. Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson


Eagle Ranch Resort is a western themed hotel (you know, all those cowboys, Red Indians.. the wild wild west style) and team building centre..

It is located at the 14th mile from Port Dickson town…


I know I was just impressed and in love with the Red Indian tepees, bandwagons, log cabins and eagles…


The swimming pool and jacuzzi is also lovely to look at….and even nicer to dip in on a nice hot day


And oh gosh… the activities you can do here… obstacle courses, abseiling, rafting, paintballs, night walks through the jungle and horse riding… bring me back there… I want to try them all…

Address – 544, Jalan Pantai, Batu 14, 71250 Port Dickson

Website – www.eagleranch.com.my

4. Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson


The Lexis Hibiscus is one of the largest waterhomes development in the world, stretching out to more than a kilometer from the beach to the furthest view at the sea resembling our national flower – the Hibiscus…


Located one hour plus from Kuala Lumpur, each of the rooms come with king sized beds, a dipping /small private pool and a steam room…

Address – 12th Mile, Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson, 71250 Pasir Panjang

Website – www.lexishibiscuspd.com

Then these 2 overlooked places… I have to confessed I did not know or thought much about these places at all until I visited it!!! And it’s free!!!! Oh my god!!!!

5. Army Museum Port Dickson


The Army Museum, known as the Muzium Tentera Darat is located next to a military base off the main road at 5th mile, about 7km away from Port Dickson in Sirusa district…

The building was completed in 1935 by the British and was considered the Company A First Malay Soldiers Batallion and was used from 1935 to 1941 before it was taken over by the Japanese Army…

The building structure was made from a steel frame especially brought in from England.

It was only in 2002 when it was renovated to be a museum…


Belonging to the Malaysian Royal Armed Forces, the museum will bring you on a walk through history, it is surely fun seeing all the military vehicles and you get to pose and make believe… (for example… I am posing with the UN van.. so.. ok “fe-feeling” Descendants of the Sun…) and there is even a secret tunnel…(ok.. not so secret)


Don’t forget to grab a drink at the canteen… they have pretty interesting and yummy goats milk or coffee drinks…

Address – Kem Sirusa, Persiaran Pahlawan, Kampung Baru Sirusa, 71050 Port Dickson

Web – army.mod.gov.my/muziumtd

6. Pusat Ikan Hiasan Port Dickson


Pusat Ikan Hiasan or the Ornamental Fish Centre is an aquarium and marine conservation facility… located at Teluk Kemang, it is managed by the Malaysia Fisheries Department …


When I got to the place.. the first thing I saw got me squealing in excitement …

They had a few large plastic containers outside and in the plastic containers were sea turtles of various sizes (green turtle and hawksbill turtle) from babies to juveniles and an adult?


The people here collect and save the turtle eggs and care for the turtle eggs until they hatch..

We are not allowed to touch the turtles but just seeing them up close is such an amazing experience…


Inside the building you can come face to face with coral and marine fishes, lobsters, eels, octopus, sea cucumber, and star fishes… and yes, a room full of corals too…


It is definitely a wonderful experience and its free!!!! The perfect place to see sea life up close and even interact with the sea cucumber or star fish if you want…

Address – Jalan Kemang 8, Kampung Baharu, 71050 Port Dickson

7. Dickson Dragon Cruise


Once everyone is on board the unique circular catamaran, the crew will do their welcome announcement and safety briefing… then the Dickson Dragon will sail south towards Teluk Kemang and Blue Lagoon…


This cruise is usually during sunset… and comes with a Salt Water Jacuzzi (available only during nice weather; Captain of Dickson Dragon), but we headed out after dinner on special arrangements…

There is a free flow of orange juice on board while canned drinks and beer are sold on board if you have other preferences…

Complimentary karaoke is available on board as well so for those who love singing.. this is indeed a treat…

8. Explore Seremban Heritage Trail

Seremban was discovered back in 1870 through tin ore mining in Rasah.. it is located 76 meters above sea level and 30km from the coastline within the valley of Linggi River, near the Titiwangsa Range..

Seremban is named after a traditional local game called “Sarimban” played by Chinese citizens using small stones near the train station…


And we were taken along a short heritage walk in the middle of Sremeban… where we visited…the BSN building… the BSN building was previously the Seremban City Council Administration building back in the 1950s…


Then the Syarikat Air Negeri Sembilan…. The Syarikat Air Negeri Sembilan use to be a fire department built in the 1920s


Seremban Jamek Mosque was built in 1900s and is the oldest mosque in Seremban…..


Bangunan Penasihat Undang – Undang /
Law Council Building..


Seremban Old Police Station was a police station for 20 years before they relocated across the road next to the Bangunan Penasihat Undang-Undang / Law Council Building


Lit Seng Gong Chinese Temple.. this unassuming and simple old Cantonese style temple was refurbished in 1897…


Followed by a little walk in Seremban’s chinatown along the Sungai Ujong Walk in Jalan Dr. Murugesu, styled after Melaka’s Jonker Street with food stalls etc.. before we got back to where we began…


This was of course just a short course and there are longer heritage trails that cover a lot of other interesting old buildings around… so why not if you are in Seremban, on any weekend, do go check it out….

The Seremban Heritage trail walk happens every Saturday and Sunday
From 8.30 am to 7.00 pm…
Check out with the tourism unit of MPS
067654338 (En. Ariffin)

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