Food Review 2019 – Bijan, Changkat Bukit Bintang


I have been to Bijan on probably 2 occasions before this but to attend events held there… Bijan is a beautiful restaurant offering a unique dining experience to please the most discerning palates… and seriously, I mean it!!


The restaurant is elegant and classy with traditional Malay wooden furniture, with motives carved into the wooden structures…


It also has an outer foyer used for cocktail receptions….


The restaurant has quite a number of tables, for intimate dinners, business engagements and family feasts for special occasions.. and there is a bar offering non Muslims a fair selection of wine and cocktails….

The outdoor dining area reminds me somewhat like Bali, since it is fenced with bamboo and a little plate cabinet at the side made some of us reminiscent of days gone by….


Bijan is warm, yet chic; intimate yet spacious with dishes created using a mix of recipes handed down over the generations and modern innovations on the ingredients to produce forgotten favourites and delicious new flavours and textures..

We sat down and tucked into our meal for the day with hungry but expectant stomachs….


Aneka Pembuka Selera (RM 39)
This is just perfect when you want a bit of everything… when you order this dish, you get to enjoy the cucur udang (golden prawn and vegetable fritters), popiah goreng (crispy deep fried spring rolls), daging bungkus kukus (delicate parcels of steamed minced meat, herbs and coconut gravy wrapped in a leaf – pretty much like a nyonya style otak-otak) and pegedil (fried potato and minced chicken patties ) all served with the signature Bijan Chili sauce which taste a lot like thick chicken rice chilli sauce…yummy!!!


Opor Rusuk (RM88)
This Australian Beef Ribs which has been slow-cooked in a thick gravy of aromatic spices, toasted coconut, palm sugar and coconut milk is something you really should not miss…. Dee swore he would so order one and keep it all to himself because he just enjoyed it too much…The meat is just so tender and well-infused with flavours…

Ayam Masak Merah (RM33)
This dish is served with sizeable pieces of Fried Chicken simmered in a sweet and spicy sauce made with chillies, tomatoes and spices – that tastes very close to home. This is a lovely dish to eat with your fluffy white rice full of flavours….


Sotong Hitam Manis (RM48)
The Stir-fried Squid in Squid Ink Sauce is prepared with chilli paste, lemongrass and squid ink, and the gravy is extremely thick and coats every piece of sliced squid very well making it simply yummy….


Pucuk Paku Goreng Tahi Minyak (Wild Fern With Burnt Desiccated Coconut) (RM28)
This dish of wild ferns stir-fried with chili, caramelized coconut and shrimp is really super yummy… The Malay term ‘tahi minyak’ refers to the leftover from the deep frying of desiccated coconut, leaving a kind of burnt but flavourful tastem… This very simple dish is packed with flavour from the caramelised coconut, and a touch of sweetness from the prawns made me an instant pucuk paku fan!!!!


Masak Lemak Udang dengan Nenas(RM 58)
One of the signature in Bijan is of course the prawns. The curry is indeed a good one with the creamy taste and well-cooked till perfection with the chunks of pineapple  and coconut milk together. Every mouthful is simply delicious and I love the creamy based of coconut milk.



Desserts….. and happy endings….


Sago Gula Melaka (RM12)
One can never say no to this Malaysian classic… made from chilled boiled sago, it is served with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup… this one came with a bit of nata de coco too….


Puding Pandan (RM10)
This light green coloured cream pudding infused with pandan leaves and palm sugar syrup is to die for… at first we delighted ourselves taking a boomerang of it jiggling…. but when we finally tasted it… it was almost orgasmic…

The pudding is pretty similar the panna cotta, and it was an amazing combination of fragrant pandan leaves and rich palm sugar… one is almost never enough…

Chocolate Durian Cake (RM28)
Indeed my favourite and I could not resist. The creamy D24 durian sandwiched between yummy moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache coating seriously deserves two thumbs up… The aromatic durian flavours can be tasted and strangely the chocolate compliments it…


Gula Melaka Cake (RM16)
Thia steamed palm sugar sponge cake served with caramelised palm sugar sauce and lipsmacking good homemade coconut ice cream is pretty irresistible…

When our meal was over, everyone at our table had to agree this was simply one of the best meals we have ever had…. with the dishes all perfectly prepared..

So yes, for those who are looking for some really good Malaysian traditional dishes or to dine somewhere classy and stylish, this is the perfect place to be!!!!

From my perspective, the overall prices at Bijan were still very reasonable compared to other fine dining fancy restaurants, since I can assure you you will leave the restaurant full and with a smile on your face…


Psst… for the coming Ramadhan, some of these dishes will also be in the Simply Malay Buffet priced just at RM120++ per pax from 9th to 31st May 2019, but… if you buy the early bird voucher now (before 8th May 2019)… it is only RM110nett so don’t miss out on this great deal!!! Call 03 2031 3575 now!!!

Just for your info, Bijan’s new Head Chef Razis and his assistant Chef Ujang will be focusing on a variety of carving and grilled items like Lidah Salai (in- house smoked beef tongue), Ikan Kerapu (roasted garoupa fish in banana leaves), Satay Udang (prawn satay), Satay Sotong (squid satay),  Satay Perut (tripes satay), Kaki Kambing (roasted leg of lamb) and many more…

Other favorites to look forward to would be the Laksa Negeri, Asam Pedas Daging Tetel, Sup Tulang Rusuk, Salai Lemak Sembilang (smoked catfish), Salai Rimau Menangis (in-house smoked beef striploin) and so on…

Address – Bijan Restaurant
No 3 Jalan Ceylon 50200
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel + 603 2031 3575
Fax +603 2031 3576
Instagram: @bijankl
Business Hours: 4.30pm – 11.00pm daily


Pssst…. anyone can afford to eat in Bijan like me with my friends or partner.. and well, it is of course because of the ENTERTAINER App… So the secret to enjoying main courses at Bijan without burning a hole in your pocket, quickly download the ENTERTAINER app….

Website :

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