Review 2019 – Skytrex Adventure Park Melaka


The Skytrex Adventure Melaka park is located in the Melaka Botanical Gardens in between the many tourist attractions of Ayer Keroh Melaka, just about 5 minutes after the exit toll of PLUS highway (via car)…


One of my best friends asked us to tag along for this since this rope courses challenges are so much better and more fun when you are trying to challenge your friends… and well the Skytrex Adventure Melaka is said to have signature challenges such as the first Skybike in Malaysia, the UFO and so on….

The Skytrex Adventure Melaka is of course a hit among teenagers, youths and the young of heart (like me) who are looking for new outdoor challenges and some adrenaline rush.


The extreme trails at Skytrex Adventure Melaka are divided into three categories: Little Dino for beginners, Pahlawan Thrill for the intermediate and Extreme Warrior for those wanting to try the advanced trail…

When Zol (one of my best friends) said we were doing the Extreme Warriors challenge, I froze up… erm… errmmm….. but quickly agreed to it, not quite knowing what I was letting myself into…


So we woke up early in Melaka and had our breakfast before arriving at the Skytrex Adventure Melaka bright and bushy tailed.. it was certainly a day of adventure since a trip to the toilet was also exciting with a juvenile snake spotted .. we called the park people who tried to catch it with their bare hands citing the snake was non-venomous but the little one slithered away quickly out of reach back into the forest….


So after signing the indemnity form, we got ourselves harnessed up… and headed to our departure / briefing/ training station where we were taught or rather in our case had our memory refreshed on how to use the cliq its and carabiner and gear which is our main safety equipment…


The first obstacle was already one of the most challenging huhuhu.. it was Ladder Up and this meant hooking yourself to the safety catch and to climb a very, very high ladder up the tree…. I was already panting as we barely started…

And yes… so if you are wondering, these challenges require a degree of fitness… and even if you are fit, it is still a challenge…

Then it was Flying Fox… and quite a long one… to another tree on the other side..


Then it was the Wood Step, an obstacle  like a series of swings set up one by one and you have to walk from one swing to the next stepping on the seat… and oh my gawd was that super tough… I was the one in the front and it made me want to cry.. but I manage to complete it… when we all finished it, we headed for the next challenge.. which was the Double Walking Cable…. this challenge may look simple but you need to balance yourself to cross to the other side which is about 250 meter…

Anyway, once you are up there, there is no turning back…. You just have to complete the whole course as there is no way down until you’ve completed the trail unless you want to be labelled a chicken and take one of the few chicken exits scattered around…


The other interesting and challenging obstacles you have to go through for the Skytrex Adventure Melaka extreme challenge would be…. the Hanging Pole, a super tough and challenging series of pogo-like sticks hanging in the air. You need to get from one stick to the next…

Then there is the Zigzag where you need to get through a series of wooden planks, moving in a zigzag motion across to the other side. This is harder than it looks because the planks actually move and swivel…


Ok… I cheated on the Happy hopper by walking along the wire cables instead of swinging from one platform to the next using the rope dangling there despite my team coaxing…

The Plank and Rope Bridge is a bridge with steps made out of a wooden planks and wire cables.


Ok… I hated the Floating Bridge… it came in two parts.. the U-shaped ropes and a metal bar that looked easy.. but which was sooooooooo freaking tricky as it was swaying and you had to grab hold of the plastic rings to try your best to balance…


The Circle and the UFO are similar and almost like one obstacle as the circle is only one circular platform and the UFO seems simple after crossing the Circle buttttt….the UFO tend to flip from the horizontal to a diagonal position making it pretty stressful having to get through… hahaha


The Skybike looks scarier then it actually is.. it made me worried when I first heard about it as I did not know how to ride a bicycle…but… it is really one of the easiest obstacle if it even can be called one…

The Skybike is the most anticipated challenge would be the Skybike where it is the only challenge available in Malaysia…


You are required to get on a special bicycle, cycle across a wire, of course strapped up for safety with body harness..



We made it back down to the finish line soaking in sweat, adrenaline and bruises… I had a bit of an accident since I was holding on to the cable to balance myself in the trampoline obstacle when one of my besties behind me slipped and fell and pushed another of my besties whose cliq it pinched my bare hands on the cable half ripping of a tiny piece of skin… it hurt and slightly bled… and once after we returned the gear, the staff were quick to bring out the first aid kit and put a plaster on my hand.. so literally blood, sweat and glory.. hahaha…


The Skytrex Melaka is the third branch of Skytrex Adventure for extreme sports; apart from their sister outlets in Shah Alam, Selangor and Langkawi, Kedah.

Address – Jalan Taman Botanikal, 75450 Durian Tunggal, Melaka

Website –

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