Food Review 2019 – The Daily Grind, Bangsar


My besties and I were invited to The Daily Grind at Bangsar Village recently… Location wise, it is located just right in front of Bangsar Village 1 …


The Daily Grind is a cosy cafe serving up handmade gourmet burgers, milkshakes and other comfort food as well as cakes…. This diner prides itself for its homemade burgers…. The juicy beef, chicken and lamb patties are homemade along with the ketchup and chilli sauces at the Daily Grind…


Stepping foot into the cafe, I fell in love with the colourful mix of red industrial and modern decor that demands a picture or two for your Instagram feed…


On opening the menu.. Dog’s Dinner (RM19.00) immediately attracted our attention for standing out as the ‘weird dish’ there… (who let the dogs out….)

So we decided to try it..made up from golden french fries smothered in creamy onion sauce and melted cheddar cheese.. this is one sinful dish you will find hard to resist… it even comes with bone shaped doggie biscuits…


I was looking for something seafood and they recommended me the Seafood Spaghetti (RM29.00) .. with generous seafood and spaghetti cooked together with a garlicky gravy… this spaghetti is so yummy…


Southern Fried Chicken (RM32.00) is a savoury waffle and chicken dish… The fried boneless chicken thighs are so crispy and moist as well as tender and tasty and comes with coleslaw and onion gravy…


Selena went and order a bunch of burgers and insisted we try them all…


So here is what we had… I loved the Mushroom Trio Burger (RM33.00) It was a thick juicy chicken patty with creamy sauteed button mushrooms, grilled portobello mushrooms and topped with some deep friend enoki mushrooms …simply sumptuous…


Then there was the Lambugerni (RM35.00) made from grilled lamb patty with smokey tomato sauce, pesto and grilled vegetables…..


The Tokyo Downtown burger (RM34.00) was pretty interesting as it consisted of a deep fried soft shell crab, with some Asian slaw and wasabi mayo served on black charcoal buns…


Sloppy Joe (RM33.00) was one of the favorites with the grilled sauteed beef patty covered bbq sauce, melted cheddar and served with skinny onion rings the messy way, thus the name…


Then there was the Camembert Burger (RM39.00) that came with double beef patties topped with deep fried camembert & cranberry bacon jam… Truly yummy

To quench your thirsts.. I recommend their milkshakes… we had a sip of the Vanilla, Malt & Peanut Butter, Chocokate Fudge and Strawberry milkshakes (RM15.00 each) and seriously, I cannot decide which is my favourite…


When it’s time for dessert, The Daily Grind has a small and focused section on the menu. The Banoffle (RM23.00) which is basically made from banana, coffee cream and waffle sandwich that comes with peanut butter, cookie crumbs and chocolate sauce, is an irresistible dish to the end the meal.


You can also try Coco Go Nuts (RM18.00) consisting of chocolate sauce, marshmallows, peanur butter and ice cream on layered coconut cookie crumbs….


Then the Roasted Banana & Peanut Butter Pie (RM16.00) is also hard to resist…

Overall, love the ambience and love the food, and of course… who can resist those mouth watering desserts… will definitely be back for more


LG 8 Lower Ground, Bangsar Village
1 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru 59100
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3 2287 6708

Email –

Website –

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