Review 2019 – Sweetie Jelly Cake , KL


There are times we do really get just oh so tired of normal birthday cream cakes and such… at least for me… and this is also because it just so happens that my besties seem to all have their birthdays close to one another… most of my best friends seem to have their birthday end of April and beginning of May…


So while browsing my Instagram… I came across an account selling beautiful and colourful jelly cakes, made by Carmen, who makes colourful, layered jelly-cakes of all shapes and sizes…


So since one of my besties, Ivan was celebrating his birthday, I decided to get a jelly cake for a change..


I ordered the LITTLE BEARS design which was simply adorable with heart shapes and two adorable bears… the cake was about 5 inches in width… and cost about Rm90


Sweetie Jelly Cakes are available in many attractive colours, themes and designs, and guaranteed to liven up any party or special occasion….


Made from agar-agar , the jelly cake is just so refreshing in taste and texture, and yummy with its flavour – Carmen however uses evaporated milk for her cake instesd of santan or coconut milk…

Each of Carmen’s jelly cake need 4 days advance order… a lot of patience and love is put into making each individual jelly cake and Carmen can take about 4 to 5 hours to make each jelly cake from scratch…


The result is a breathtaking and super adorable jelly cake that is bound to etch itself in your memory….


The cake is just so pretty and just so delicious to indulge in with no feelings of guilt as it is almost fat free…

I love Sweetie jelly cakes… and will definitely get more in the future…

Carmen is however based in Cheras so you need to pick up from her place or Cheras Sentral at an allocated time…


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