Rasa Melaka – The Musical, Panggung Bangsawan Melaka


When my celebrity friend Arja Lee asked me out and brought me to Melaka last weekend, I did not expect a musical in our program, but when I was in his car, he mentioned it and I was like yeah sure.. Why not!! I was definitely always up for a good show or musical or live performance…


We headed to Melaka Town to the  Panggung Bangsawan Melaka (the old Cathay cinema in Melaka), opposite TF Riverside Hotel…

Wow, I was not aware of this place when I stayed at the TF Riverside Hotel a couple of months ago and now there’s this brightly litted theatre here..


Anyway, we got to meet Easee Gan, the owner and producer of the18-month theatre series entitled Rasa Melaka The Musical…


The theatre might not be as grand as Encore Melaka if you want to compare, but it is still pretty breathtaking and holding up well with  6 time best director winner Dr Deric Gan, Easee’s brother as the director himself…

Dr Deric is not one to trifle with, being the first Malaysian to have a PhD in theatre and Chinese traditional opera from the highest arts institution in China – the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, China…


The colourful and multi-lingual Rasa Melaka is an original story of everyday Malaccans, that happens along the Melaka River. It is an interesting life story of people of different ethnicities going through the ups and downs in life, getting married, flying overseas for studies, having a baby etc… with interesting lines, melodious songs, intricate dance choreography and some comedy..

The story actually starts in 1956 when Tunku Abdul Rahman announces the Federation of Malaya’s independence and calls out “Merdeka!” at Padang Bandar Hilir, now known as Pahlawan Square. Three young children: a Malay girl called Melia, a Chinese boy named Lak, and Chetty girl named Kashvi were playing paper boats at the river witness the arrival of Malaya’s independence.. .

In 1971, a flash flood in Melaka cannot stop Melia from marrying her husband, and Lak welcomed his new born and Kashvi’s decision to further studies overseas.. However because of a problematic dam, the people of Melaka had to go through a long and challenging period of water shortage…


In 2008, Melia, Lak and Kashvi, now all in their 60s, reflect on those historical and colourful times with their grandchildren by their side.


The show tells the stories of the various communities in Melaka – from the late 1950s to the present day filled with traditional songs, moments you can relate to, and funny events, reflecting the lives and struggles of the people of Melaka…


Seriously, I am amazed by the little river and the ‘rain’ on stage… Hahaha.. And the performance is definitely great considering most of the actors started with no formal theatre background…


A must watch!!!

Time – Monday to Thursday – 8pm
Friday to Sunday – 3pm and 8pm

Address – Panggung Bangsawan Melaka
20, Jalan Munshi Abdullah,
Kampung Jawa,
75100 Melaka


Website – www.rasamelaka.com

One thought on “Rasa Melaka – The Musical, Panggung Bangsawan Melaka

  1. Hi
    Good morning
    saya ingin bertanya di sana ada jawatan kosong untuk pelajar intern tak?
    sekiranya ade saya ingin mengisi jawatan kosong tersebut sebagai pelajar pengambilan theatre uitm puncak perdana. Sekiranya Tuan/Puan/Encik bersetujui, saya akan menyerahkan surat permohonan dalam menjalani latihan professional.
    Harap Tuan/Puan/Encik membalas pesanan saya. Terima kasihh


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