Review 2019 – Arte Plus Staycation


My team and I, we always love exploring and discovering new places and we could not resist anywhere whimsical and fun….

So, we were at Arte Plus Staycation recently, and I swear I truly felt like Alice in Wonderland at this private Airbnb service apartment…


Located about 5 km from KLCC, the apartment building is awe inspiring and definitely one of the most prettiest buildings around..


Upon arrival, you will be given instructions as how to check in… And follow the instructions until you reach the recreation or R floor, the beginning of wonderland, as it is where you find 3 different towers with 3 equally fascinating tower lobbies…


Our suite was in Tower One, which lobby reminds me of some icy cave Elsa (Frozen) might have made her home at…

From R floor, you have to look for your private lift which will send you right into the front door of your suites!


We entered our service apartment and was pleased to note that it came with 2 cosy rooms with queen sized beds…


There was also a sitting room with a cosy sofa, table, flat-screen TV you can watch YouTube or binge on Netflix on while lazing around…


There is also a bar top, a microwave, a fridge and an induction cooker, and even a washer /dryer in the kitchenette. You will definitely be very comfortable here and will feel at home..

The 5 of us stayed here… And the extra person can sleep on the sofa or a foldaway latex mattress and comforter set provided in the service apartment… I was the one who opted to sleep outside since I can sleep with the TV and lights on and the aircond turn up warmer a bit.. And besides, I wake up early… My besties on the other hand liked their rooms blacked out and cold so I left them to their own devices…


Anyway, since we were ensconced in this little wonderland, we could not wait to go exploring…


The Lazy River Spa is located at Tower 1 on Level 35.. It is a unique white looking place with a river of  temperature-controlled waters and lots of half metal balls on the wall and so on giving it a strange but pretty instagrammable worthy look…

You can also use the Jacuzzi and Sauna here to relax and detoxify…


The Organic swimming pool is pretty during the day and also during the night…


And I just love the Floating Fantasy Garden at night where human artistry collide with Mother Nature… Giving you a kind of Avatar like place to enjoy… With swirling greens over the water as well… Beautiful!!!!


Tower Two lobby is pretty with jigsaws….


Tower Two has a Super Gym but the Gym is only strictly available to permanent residents… So visitors are not allowed there…


And Tower Three lobby is full of snowflakes…


And also comes with the Swedish Forest… A pretty place to relax and chill out with your friends for chit chat, discussions etc…


It makes you feel somewhat relaxed in a jungle like environment and also on top of the world in colourful nests… Somehow it brings IKEA and Moomin to mind when I first step foot in there… 

It only cost about RM200 for a stay during weekdays and RM250 for a weekend stay.. And is perfect for small parties, get together, and for bonding with best friends or family members… 

Overall it is value for money and I seriously recommend a stay here!!! The apartment also comes with a good WiFi and well.. Since we were fasting we ordered McD delivery for our Sahur… And there is a vending machine for drinks and snacks at the lobby area too..


Address – Arte Plus, No.3, Lorong Ampang 1, 55000, Kuala Lumpur

Website/ IG – 

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