Hotel Review 2019 – Desa Keroma Eco Resort


So yours truly was in Muar over the weekend recently because one of my best friends said we should break fast at his hometown with his family on his birthday…


So we decided to stay over at Desa Keroma Eco Resort, not too far from his home…


Getting there, you have to drive pass a little river/ stream with fishermen boats docked there…


So what is Desa Keroma Eco Resort? Desa Keroma Eco Resort is a unique getaway kind of part homestay and part resort where you get to stay at uniquely designed traditional Malay architecture mini chalets…


It is a great little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and here you can just chill and enjoy nature and the kampung lifestyle without having to give up on the bare luxuries like hot showers, air conditioning and a cosy bed…

Choose from 4 different kinds of mini chalets : Seroja House , Cempaka House ,  Kesidang House and Kenanga House–there’s two of each… But according to the management, they are planning to built more in the future… And for families, they have family rooms – Orkid, Melur and Teratai..


There is the Bangau House for big families or more people… Or even the Mentari Dorms…

My friends and I had the Cempaka House and Kenanga House to ourselves…


They were small but cosy and adorable. I loved the swimming pool there and the surroundings.. And how each of the mini chalets had their own privacy as well as water features with river fishes built around it…


You’d love the natural scenery around the resort and it just perfect for a family gateway, a place to get away with your friends or well, team building, students camping…


They actually do have an open hall, a dining hall, meeting room, karaoke lounge and prayer room for meetings, seminars or family day events…. And well with the lovely architecture and all, it is also known as the Laman Pengantin as they do have wedding parties/ celebrations and packages offered here as well…


And the swimming pool is actually open to public also for a small fee…


On normal days they do have a food court as well serving delicious shell out, mee bandung claypot, Assam Pedas claypot, roti canai and some other hot meals..

My thanks to the Majlis Perbandaran Muar for helping arrange this stay..

Address – Desa Keroma Eco Resort
5293 Parit Keroma,
Jalan Junid ,
84000 Muar

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