McDonald’s Malaysia Drive-Thru Ideal for Consumers’ On-the-Go Lifestyles


All of us have used McDonald’s Malaysia Drive-Thru at one point or another, and considering this is the fasting month of Ramadhan, I guess even more…

Why? It’s not just because we just want to ponteng puasa.. But some of us ladies have that time of the month where we are allowed to skip fasting.. or to feed the younger kids who have yet learnt to fast a whole day and so on…


And even on normal regular days, living in the city make us always on the go and with that we look for convenience, as well as fast and friendly service to complement our busy lifestyles…


McDonald’s Drive-Thru is heaven sent and a huge. convenience during mealtimes since it is hassle-free and efficient…


McDonald’s being one of the Drive-Thru market leaders has been identified as the most accessible and reliable brand in Malaysia… And is targeting to open about 20 new McDonald’s Drive-Thru restaurants this year itself!!!

Photo 4-1440x960

Last month, McDonald’s held a Drive-Thru Weekend Challenge held from 26-28 April where a total of 473,860 cars zoomed off with their favourite McDonald’s meal from 167 McDonald’s Drive-Thru restaurants nationwide in just 3 days!!!!

The number of cars, if parked bumper to bumper, would be roughly equivalent to 150 times the length of the first Penang Bridge… Wow!!! Interesting huh..

Photo 3-1440x960

McDonald’s also set a new record on 27 April for the highest vehicle count accessing McDonald’s Drive-Thru restaurants over the course of 24 hours, with a total of 164,235 vehicles, officially recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records for achieving the “Largest Participation for a Drive-Thru Challenge in 24 Hours”. How cool huh!!! Congrats!!!

Photo 1-1440x960

Another exciting consumer activation in conjunction with the Drive-Thru Weekend was also launched on the McDonald’s app from 17-30 April. The Drive-Thru Hero Challenge was pretty cool as you could have actually earned points for every drive-thru and check-in at as many McDonald’s Drive-Thru restaurants as possible to stand a chance of being among the Top 10 Drive-Thru Heroes…

You would have earned 10 points for every 1 stop, and the Top 10 Heroes would have received cash based on their points… Isn’t that just amazing… Besides that for every 5 stops at McDonald’s Drive-Thrus customers were able to unlock special offers on McDonald’s menu items… Now isn’t that just exciting…

Now let’s go visit a McDonald’s Drive-Thru….

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