Blue Ant Entertainment collaborates with Breakout Malaysia for its latest crime-meets-psychic thriller “The InBetween”


So yours truly was over at BREAKOUT Avenue K which was just right opposite KLCC twin towers where they offer escape room games with role playing and story lines….


Here at BREAKOUT you and the people with you will be immersed in a surreal ambiance similar to being part of an on-going scene from a movie, in our case, the world of The InBetween, where justice lives between this world and the next…. 


Yup, in case you are wondering Blue Ant Entertainment is collaborating with Breakout Malaysia, to showcase “The Greatest Murder of Westwood” room with the help of The Oracle (who “sees” visions like Cassie) from May 31 to June 21…


This collaboration will give you and me, a chance to be detectives and try solve the murder by a serial killer, dubbed as “The Symbol”, using your/our wits, skills and teamwork.. And well, if you are good, you actually can win some Blue Ant Entertainment limited edition premiums!!!


I was over there with 3 of my best friends Zol, Dayat, Jim and a new friend /guest from Indonesia Sinyo… Another friend could not make it as he had a last minute family emergency…


We were given a briefing on how to take out the locks and dang believe me it is not as easy as it looks…


Then  a safety briefing on dos and don’ts before given a choice to select our roles…

Breakout incorporate characters with special abilities such as The Oracle who sees into the future (The person who is the Oracle will get glimpse of photos of clues – try to remember it in sequence if you can), then there is the Timebender who can manage the time and add 5 minutes to the game, the Lightbringer who carries the torch to brighten your way in the dark rooms, decision-making and strategizing skills among players, the Lock master who is in charge of unlocking the locks, the Gemini who can copy anyone’s skill and a few others… 

We selected our roles and were told to bend down and close our eyes and were then led into a dark room immediately after keeping our things in the locker provided… Where we were briefed before we could open our eyes and started searching for clues…

OK.. I will not spoil this with spoilers so you should try it out yourselves… This is a tough and challenging game with 5% completion.. But it is very interesting… And so go challenge yourself and your friends…

This was my first time playing at Breakout and it was definitely a great experience.. So bring on more games please… Want to try more 😉 Thank you Blue Ant Entertainment for this opportunity…

The first 100 participants to solve the murder case within the time limit will take home a special prize.

Blue Ant Entertainment_The InBetween (1)-1094x615

By the way this suspenseful character-driven procedural drama frontlines Cassie Bedford, who was born with a rare ability. She has visions…whether she likes it or not. Sometimes Cassie sees events that have occurred or will happen in the future.

Blue Ant Entertainment_The InBetween_Ep 1 (4)-1094x729

In addition, she encounters unsettled spirits who need her help. When her father Detective Tom Hackett, and his new partner, former FBI Agent Damien Asante need assistance solving a dark and puzzling murder, Cassie reluctantly agrees to use her abilities and helps solve some of Seattle’s most challenging cases…. This drama series premiered on May 31,  and is aired on Friday at 10.35pm on Blue Ant Entertainment (Unifi TV Ch 473).. 

To watch the trailer of this exciting show:

For more thrilling updates, be sure to follow Blue Ant Entertainment on Facebook at, @BlueAntEntertainment on Instagram and @BlueAntEnt on Twitter.


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