BORNEO has always been a land rich with arts and cultural diversity, having more than 50 ethnic and sub-ethnic groups living harmoniously on the 743,330 square kilometres island… However, not everyone have the opportunity to visit Borneo and experience the arts and culture of this unique island, and so with that, Suria KLCC in collaboration with the Association of Sabah & Sarawak Heritage of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor brought the Borneo to Suria KLCC’s Centre Court recently, from 12 to 14 June 2019..


Being the third year Suria KLCC held the International Borneo Fest 2019, this event was brought to promote harmony in the diversity of ethnicity, tradition, arts and culture in Borneo, specifically in Sabah and Sarawak…


The International Borneo Fest was officiated by Federal Territory Minister, Yang Berhormat Tuan Haji Khalid Abdul Samad. Also present was Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd chairman – Datuk Hashim Wahir, Dr Lawrence John – chairman and advisor of the Association of Sabah & Sarawak Heritage of Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, Suria KLCC chief operating officer, Francis Tan and Suria KLCC general manager, Ben Chong.

The main highlights of the International Borneo Fest were the Borneo Designers Award and Miss & Mister Ambassador 2019. This year, 12 Sabah and Sarawak-based designers will showcase their exclusive collections and they are Hardi Roman, Marcel Gatisi, Amythen Chiew Phin, Recheal Binti Paul, Joanna Jane, Dexter Dylen Dunstan, Ahmad Fikri Gompul, Lo Teck Hua, Melanie Dewok or Bidayuh, Dorothy Anak James, Deasy Divinne Juanis and Ahzwansyah Ahmad.

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase these designers’ exclusive collections
available only at the International Borneo Fest.


The International Borneo Fest was a good platform for young designers from. Borneo to showcase their collections where the best three designers were given the opportunity to feature their collections at the final leg of the International Borneo Fest to be held in London by end of this year…

The association goals is not limited to promote Borneo arts and culture, but to also develop talent that will brought up not only Borneo but our country  name…


Apart from designers’ award and beauty pageant, shoppers and visitors can participate in “Sago worm” eating challenge and this is the first time its being organised.


“Sago worm” or “Butod” among the locals in Borneo is considered a delicacy and a major source of income for many households in the rural communities. This high-protein, high-fat grub can be dried, smoked, grilled or stir-fried. For the real connoisseur, you can try to eat while it is still alive. The taste of the live ones is described as creamy like soft melted toffee without any of the foulness that one might associate with eating larva. So, don’t miss out the opportunity to experience eating the Sago worm.


Other activities during the three days event includes basket weaving demonstration from Penan tribe. Learn the art of weaving basket from an elderly Penan couple brought from Sabah, using pine straw, willow, pandan leaves, pandanus odoratissimus (mengkuang) and rattan from scratch.

If you want to experience living like the Penans, visit Sarawak Tourism booth for more information on the Penan’s homestay. The Penan tribe have only recently begun taking in visitors.


Shoppers and visitors can also find authentic Sabah and Sarawak food and drinks such as layered cakes, black pepper cookies, traditional herbs, laksa Sarawak paste, rice wine and Sabah’s fragrant organic rice “Beras Wangi Keladi” – planted only at Kampung Tambutuon in Kota Belud.

There are also bags and accessories made from beads, gem stones and wood.


There were also cultural performances throughout the three day event…

For more information about the International Borneo Fest 2019 and performances schedule, visit

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