Hotel Review 2019 – Damai Beach Resort, Kuching, Sarawak

The beautiful Damai Beach Resort is situated along the tranquil beach facing the mesmerizing South China Sea…


Merely a 45 minutes from Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, this 4-star resort is just by the slope of the legendary and majestic Mount Santubong, sprawled over 90 acres of prime seafront land…


This was my home for 5 days and 4 nights during the recent Rainforest World Music Festival, the choice for guests, members of the media as well as all the international performers since the famed Sarawak Cultural Village is just barely a short 5 minutes stroll via the resort and /or beach or a 3 minutes drive away…


I was staying at one of the Hilltop rooms… And we had to get on the hotel Hilltop Shuttle to go to our rooms.. Well if you were fit and relished walking uphill it was also doable and a great exercise but for me..


I am a bit of a lazy bum and prefer a downhill walk… Heheh…


I was sharing my room with a blogger friend, Emily… Our room was spacious.. With two somewhat old but still comfortable twin beds, LCD TV with movie channels, coffee and tea making facilities, mini fridge, IDD telephone and hair dryer…


Our bathroom was also pretty spacious with the shower in the old fashion bathtub and shower curtain style..  It came with basic toiletries amenities..


We had a lovely balcony which we could go out and enjoy the breathtaking view of both the South China Sea and the majestic Mount Santubong.. Only downside was the furniture were pretty rickety and stained with lizard egg/poo and housekeeping did not pay attention to cleaning the balcony.. The rest of the room was however clean and my housekeeping staff had a sense of humour too…I left a soft toy and a pair of head phones on my bed and when I came back my bed was neatly made and the head phones was over my soft toys ears…


Staying on the Hilltop means getting access to the Hilltop Pool which was one of the most Instagrammable or picturesque place around the resort…


Getting to the lobby, the beach or pool was not a hassle either… Just press the button and buzz for the Hilltop shuttle, and it will be there to pick you up in a jiffy…


Breakfast was reasonably good, and I quickly became addicted to the yummy Nasi Lemak and Sarawak Laksa served at the live action stall along with another live action stall whipping up your choice of omelettes on a daily basis..

I find the staff here pretty accommodative and ever ready to help.. I had a bad sore throat, and spotted some honey, so I asked the staff if I could have some lemon so I can make some honey lemon… And they brought me a ready made glass of warm. honey lemon, and that made me impressed…. (how not to when I almost got into an argument with some F&B staff in a not to be named hotel a few months ago asking for lemon and the staff arguing they can’t give lemons, oops, I forgot lemons can be so pricey, duhh)..


Of course while staying here during the Rainforest World Music Festival it was such fun with all the people around the world converging there for rest, lunch, dinner etc..


Personally I might be an introvert sometimes but I love seeing or meeting people of all races and cultures and it was a lot of fun getting to know them…


For example, I was at breakfast alone and went to take some more food but when I got back to my table, there was a good looking guy there.. So I noted the all access pass the performers were given and plucked the courage to start a conversation..

We had the weirdest conversation since I asked him where he was from. And he said India, and I just blurted out he did not look Indian, so was he by any chance mixed.. And he said no.. So we had a conversation and I found out he was actually one of the members from Nagaland, a little state North East India.. Hehehe..


And oh yes… Sunset is one moment you really should try not to miss when you are here at Damai Beach Resort as it is sheer breathtaking..


I keep on running out on my dinner partners (usually Emily and a photographer friend from Indonesia much to their amusement) to go get a picture of the sunset practically every evening I was there…


Dawn is also a pretty time but I cannot see the sunrise since it is being blocked by Mount Santubong…

Overall, it was a great stay even if the furnishings in my room probably is in need for an upgrade soon… And I had a good rest after a hectic day sightseeing and attending the Rainforest World Music Festival at the Sarawak Cultural Village…


Thank you to Sarawak Tourism Board for the opportunity to join this trip…

Address –Teluk Bandung Santubong, 93756 Kuching, Sarawak

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