The Most Expansive Ice Sculpture In Sunway Lost World Of Tambun


One of my favourite theme parks, the Sunway Lost World of Tambun has managed to successfully create a 200 feet-long, 3.9m high ice sculpture, thus making it a HISTORICAL MARK in the park as Asia’s First record of The Most Expansive Ice Sculpture Record!!!


The ice sculpture design was carved to depict the design elements of the theme park, namely a representation of each of the parks – Lost World Water Park, Lost World Amusement Park, Lost World Hot Springs, Lost World Petting Zoo, Lost World Tiger Valley, Lost World Tin Valley, Lost World Adventure Park.


The attempt fell under the subcategory ‘Most’ in the ‘Collection of Records’ category with the Asia Book of Records.


The aim behind the attempt is to highlight the Sunway Lost World of Tambun Theme Park attractions for the visitors in an exceptional but purely decorative approach in conjunction with the month-long National Day celebrations.


It is said that a total of 250 blocks of ice, each weighing about 100kg, were used in this task where 25 senior sculptors and 25 amateurs worked together tirelessly for 26 hours with 67 students of the Chenderoh Community College, Kuala Kangsar to complete the challenging task…

Ice Sculpture 3IMG_5711-1368x912

The unity amongst the Lost World staff & sculptors are commendable, as they manage to make such a feat successful and it is a FEAT considering our Malaysian humid weather as well as the hot spring nearby, thus making it a race against time as well….

Congratulations to Sunway Lost World of Tambun and the chefs and sculptors involved.. The three chefs who headed the team — Sabri Hassan, Ahmad Tarmizi Ismail and Harun Jalil — were also awarded ABR certificates for the feat…

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