Sunset Cruise onboard Manta Blu by Your Cruise Service Langkawi..


When I heard that I was going for a sunset cruise, I was wondering which boat we were going to get on… And I was definitely thrilled when I learnt it was the Manta Blu…


The Manta Blu is after all an elegant luxury catamaran that is beautifully fitted with a canopied saloon, an oak wood galley and a spacious deck that boasts sun loungers and indulgent trampolines which you can laze on while you wait for the sun to set…


It even has four bedrooms and 4 bathrooms…


It is an indulgent moment where you can chit chat with your friends or family, allow the sea breeze to tease your hair while sipping chilled can drinks… or even a beer (if you are a non Muslim), with music gently playing in the background while you cruise to Dataran Lang, and take some photos of (or with) the iconic giant eagle statue there…


If you have been craving some Vitamin Sea…  You should try out the ‘salt water jacuzzi’, it is actually a net lowered at the back of the catamaran, you have to put on your life jacket and will be monitored by one of the Manta Blu staff…


I liken it to being able to pretend to be a mermaid or merman caught on fish net… But it can be pretty fun… Especially when the catamaran moves and you even get small fishes, shrimps or cuttle fishes jumping at you…


Once you have gotten weary from clinging to the net, or if you think the skin on your fingers and toes have shriveled enough in the sea, you can get back on board, just in time to feast on some freshly grilled fish, chicken, sausages and satays.. Accompanied by fried rice, fried noodles, some spicy peanut sauce and a delicious salad, and followed by a platter of watermelon…


Once dinner is done the party starts… The Manta Blu will slowly cruise along with other boats, and what happens next seems to be a wild evening dance off party going on, with the passengers of each boat or catamaran trying to out do each other.. I can only stare at them in amazement and amusement…


As the sun slowly sets in the western horizon of the Andaman Sea, the sky explodes in a myriad of orange and pink, definitely mesmerising everyone…


The Manta Blu then slowly sailed back to the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, marking the end of our indulgent sunset adventure…

The Manta Blu cruise is operated by Your Cruise Service
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