Darulaman Sanctuary Jungle Walk, Langkawi


Langkawi might be just a small island, but it’s rich nature diversity is sheer legendary… From azure blue seas, mountains with breathtaking views, Langkawi, fresh off her revalidation as a UNESCO Global Geopark  is also steeped in millions of years of history: the forests….

Located in the heart of Langkawi Island, Lubuk Semilang is famous for its waterfall and surrounding flora and fauna. The lush jungle also serves as the base of the highest peak of Langkawi, called Gunung Raya.

Langkawi is rich with wildlife and is home to over 200 bird species, many of which are migratory and which make Langkawi jungles a resting point before they continue their journey onward…

It was about 10 in the morning.., not quite a soothing morning jungle walk I would really like to take, but ah well, we were all at the Darulaman Sanctuary ready for our little date with mother nature…


This easy morning walk would bring us into the jungle to witness gigantic species of hardwood trees ranging from Meranti, Balau, Kapur, Chengal and Keruing… As well as the dangerous Rengas which latex/excretion can cause you discomfort and irritation for days if you come in contact with it..

The walk also gives us the possibility of seeing Dusky Leaf monkeys, Black Giant squirrels and other interesting animals but… As it is nature… You are never guaranteed a view..


Our tour guide was a guy named Fendi (like that brand, he joked as he introduced himself…)


After a quick brief, we all set off for our little walk… But before we got anywhere he pointed out a trail of what seemed like black ants.. And said see, these are termites and had me (at least) hopping about to avoid the termites on the ground.. When asked why we do not exterminate them, Fendi reminded us about the termites having their own roles to play in nature..

And it is kind of a vital role as well, as they recycle waste material such as animal faeces, dead wood and plants…


We moved along and soon came to a spider.. At the signage.. We saw a spider and Fendi launched into how the male spider is smaller in size and gets killed after mating..

And someone in my team pipes up saying it is always the male who looks good, the male who sacrifices themselves for their mate and kids.. And the females are after all always the duller ones… (in reference to birds, insects, animals) and we all laughed….

Our trip continued…

“There’s a Hornbill there on that tree at the back of the Y shape branch, do you see it?” Fendi points to a tree somewhat a distant away… As our group trudge along… I squinted and tried to look where he is pointing but being short sighted even in contact lenses, I failed…


A short distant away he pointed again into the distant and told us that that was a Dollar Bird.. One of the most beautiful birds around.. And we were going huh!!!

The bird was miles away and just a tiny speck on a telephone wire.. And I definitely did not see any colour or the beauty he was describing… Fendi then whipped out his phone and scrolled through some pictures before showing us a picture of a beautiful bird with green plumage… This must be googled I teased him.. And he quickly said no, he took that picture a while back…


Fendi took us deeper into the jungle passing the forest reserve area where the public came to have picnics and such.. And how in recent times the place was cordoned off to vehicles after families on picnics irresponsibly left their rubbish and also chased away wildlife..


Today, under the careful monitoring from Darulaman Sanctuary, the area is thriving once more, and people can enjoy various treks catering to all levels of interest, hiking capabilities, and even team building packages, with a professional guide from Darulaman Sanctuary to oversee both the nature’s care and our safety and compliance too…


Along the way Fendi pointed out a Riang Riang (Cicada) and also a kind of daddy long legs spider… As well as warned us to stay close to him…


It is after all a jungle and there are wildlife in there and recently he even found a poisonous coral snake slithering through the forest…


We reached the waterfall for a break and for our BBQ lunch… Since none of us felt like swimming in the cold water, we dipped our feet in and enjoyed the tranquillity of the moment..

Once lunch was ready, we tucked in to the generous  and delicious BBQ lunch prepared with much gusto..


The trek is easy to medium level, and takes about 45 mins to an hour to the waterfall as we stopped to talk and see wildlife or fauna and another 20 minutes down via the tar road..

For more info check out : www.sanctuary.bdb.com.my
Address – Darulaman Sanctuary, Lubuk Semilang, 07000 Langkawi

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