Food Review 2019 – Galitos, eCurve

IMG_20190819_180320-01-912x684.jpegFounded by Louis Germishuys in the sleepy town of (then-named) Nelspruit in 1996, Galitos has been consistently expanding in South Africa as well as opening internationally


Galitos Malaysia master franchise is none other than RI-YAZ Global Food Brands which specialises in both home-grown and internationally renowned brands… And the company is planning to soon expand to other parts of the country…


Yours truly was over at their restaurant recently with some besties to indulge our taste buds in what Galitos is best known for… Their unique flame-grilled, fiery, bold African flavours!!!!


And of course, that is the very reason of their success wherever you can find their restaurants (FYI, there are over 150 restaurants, in 15 countries across 4 continents)


Galitos provide some of the best tasting, fresh and healthy, flame-grilled chicken to their guests… Their chicken is marinated for 24 hours in their secret peri-peri sauces for that unique combination of great tasting… And basted again with the piri-piri sauce of your choice when you order your chicken…


Galitos also has their own range of unique sauces which you can enjoy your Galitos Flame-grilled chicken with or even take home with, garlic, lemon and herb, mild, hot and extra hot…


So among the dishes we had… Hot Chicken Skewers (RM13.90), which was basically boneless chicken glazed with piri-piri sauce, grilled and served with some galimayo…


Then there is Piri Chicken Livers (RM10.90), a unique dish of chicken liver marinated with onions and sishebo sauce (spicy tomato) and served with garlic bread… It was quite tasty considering I dislike any animal parts other then their meat.. Lol


The Gali Caesar Salad (RM17.90) is pretty good… It is of course, romaine lettuce tossed with gali caesar dressing and topped with parmesan cheese, boiled egg and croutons… (You can add chicken for additional RM5.90)


We also had some Double Gali Burger (RM25.90) – Flame grilled chicken breast, lettuce and tomato topped with pineapple and cheddar cheese on a brioche bun…perfect for burger lovers….


The Pepper Piri Udon (RM15.90) is really yummy… , with Udon noodles stir fried with chicken strips, pepper and onions sauteed with black pepper sauce…


Another of my favorite would be the Galibowl (RM15.90) which is a perfect little meal on its own… It has spicy rice with galimayo and topped with grilled boneless chicken, spinach and sishebo (spicy tomato) sauce… I seriously love this and would sooo order this in a heart beat again….


There is also the Spicy ‘K’ Wings (RM15.90) – Crunchy Chicken Wings made with Korean spicy sauce….


The Chicken Espetada is also pretty good shared with friends or family… (RM28.90 with 1 side, RM32.90 with 2 sides)


And of course… Who can resist the Flame Grill Chicken? Not us.. We had a whole chicken(RM46.90)– and the chicken is juicy enough as promised and flavourful from the Piri Piri spices marinated and bastings…

Choose from a variety of sides to go with your meal…
-Spice Rice
-Garlic Bread
-Spicy Wedges
-Chili Bean Salad – recommended…
-Sweet Potato Fries – recommended
-Spinach With Potatoes – recommended
-Corn On The Cab
-Grilled Vegetables
-Side Green Salad
Each for RM6.90….


We ended our very generous meal with the Burnt Cheesecake (RM14.90)… And it was truly so yummy… You can almost get an orgasm from the rich and silky caramel flavored cheesecake with burnt edges…

As for thirst quenchers, I recommend the Ice Blended Poppin Coconut… It is a unique mixture of coconut, popcorn, double expresso and milk and also the Pandan Iced Latte – a combination of pandan, double espresso and cold milk… (RM13.50 each)….


Overall, it was a great meal, in a beautiful restaurant with great ambience…


And great service from the staff… Definitely will be back for more….

Website –

Address – Galitos, eCurve, Mutiara Damansara, 47820 Petaling Jaya

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