Pho Street launches Merdeka Campaign

So who here enjoy some Vietnamese Pho? I sure do!!! Pho Street, the restaurant that serves authentic Vietnamese Street food is launching a new promotion in conjunction with Merdeka…


The campaign known as “We Are Pho Everyone” will see unbelievable deals We all cannot resist… And we shouldn’t have to resist…


To kick-start our 62nd year of Merdeka celebrations, Pho Street will be selling their yummy bowl of Pho Beef Combination (normal price RM19. 90)for just RM0. 62++, on the 8th September 2029 from 11.30am to 1.30pm…

Subsequently, each bowl of the Pho Beef Combination  will be sold at a discount of RM6. 20 for a limited time until the 16th of September 2019…


Pho Street is a Muslim friendly restaurant, popular for their array of street snacks, bowls of tantalising noodles and crusty Banh mi…

However it is the signature Pho Beef Combination, also known as Beef noodles that is the crowd pleaser… Pho Street’s Pho is made from a hearty broth which has been boiled for 8 years, rice noodles imported from Vietnam and topped with great quality Halal certified beef and hand made beef balls with their very own secret recipe… And only the freshest ingredients, carefully selected for their unique flavours are used to complement their aromatic and authentically Vietnamese dishes…


“We Are Pho Everyone” campaign is about celebrating an important occasion with Malaysians the way the Malaysians love the most – with great food…

For more info check out


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