McDonald’s Malaysia celebrates being Malaysian

How time flies… And even McDonald’s Malaysia is celebrating its 37th anniversary in Malaysia… And well in conjunction with it’s anniversary, Merdeka and Malaysia Day, McDonald’s Malaysia is using its nickname ‘Mekdi’ (localised McD, a short form for McDonald’s), to celebrate its Malaysian-ness.

You can find ‘Mekdi’ signage proudly displayed at the Bukit Bintang restaurant, which happens to be the very first McDonald’s restaurant in Malaysia….

OMG.. Mekdi Bukit Bintang is actually almost as old as me… having opened its doors in Malaysia back in 1982.. It is also the place many people my age who lived in Kuala Lumpur frequented or brought their dates to, including Mekdi’s current management team….


Despite McDonald’s being one of the most renowned global brands,  McDonald’s Malaysia prides itself on being a Malaysian company at heart from its employees, franchisees, suppliers, menu, community-based events and all its charity efforts focused on underprivileged Malaysian children…


Anyway, with all its Malaysian-ness, and because we are celebrating the Merdeka month, McDonald’s Malaysia has also introduced its own version of Nasi Lemak McD which will be a permanent new fixture to their everyday menu, and will be available 24 hours a day…


Nasi Lemak McD comes with fragrant rice cooked with coconut milk, crispy anchovies, fresh slices of cucumber, fried egg, and spicy, mouth-watering sambal, and of course you can or actually you really have to maximise your meal experience by adding on the Ayam Goreng McD and end it with a refreshing cup of Iced Lemon Tea for RM12.99 (or RM15.99 for 2 pcs of Ayam Goreng McD).

Just FYI, though, for breakfast, Nasi Lemak McD set is served with an Iced Milo (and no Ayam Goreng McD) for only RM5.99


Besides Nasi Lemak McD, McDonald’s Malaysia also continuously introduces interesting menu offerings which are distinctly Malaysian, such as Extra Spicy Ayam Goreng McD, Cempedak Mc Flurry, Corn Pie and Cendol Cone.. All which are currently available at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide..


And since we all know how popular Nasi Lemak is among Malaysians, McDonald’s Malaysia has also started a petition via website to recognise Nasi Lemak as the official National Dish of Malaysia, with the target of 1 million signatures by Malaysia Day on Sept 16….

So dearest friends, fans, family and everybody….. Let’s sign the petition ….

For more info on McDonald’s, head over to

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