Keretapi Sarong Symbolizes National Unity


So yesterday yours truly was up early despite just getting back from Sabah the day before.. The daughter wanted to go to and join the Keretapi Sarong, a public flash mob which has been occurring annually on Malaysia Day since 2017…

Keretapi Sarong began as an initiative to gather the public to experience our LRT and MRT lines via a few planned routes while dressed in our local traditional sarongs, was aimed at advocating usage of public transportation as well as the preservation of traditional apparels…


Keretapi Sarong’s mission has always been to remind Malaysians that we are a multicultural country and we have only gotten this far because of harmony and acceptance…

The ‘Sarong’ is highlighted as a significant part of the event as it is an authentic piece of national apparel and a precious part of our heritage, shared by a lot of races in the country. In conjunction with the ‘ASEAN Year of Culture’, Keretapi Sarong 2019 is endorsed by International Relations Division (Culture), Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC) to represent and promote the ASEAN mutual identity – the sarong..

The other mission would be to increase the amount of public transport users in Klang Valley whilst lowering the carbon print in the city…


Organized by LOCCO ( Local Companion), Keretapi Sarong 2019 kickstarted from the LRT Subang Jaya and Gombak (Kelana Jaya line), Ampang (Ampang line), and Bandar Utama and Kajang (SBK line)…


Members of the public were warmly welcomed to join by the groups of volunteers stationed at the station checkpoints with organizing partners, before being led towards the not so secret final destination, which was the a Dataran Merdeka, where a mini festival featuring activities from the organizing partners including fashion show and performances from Encore Melaka, Kidstar and many more…


This year’s edition of the Keretapi Sarong is definitely the biggest Keretapi Sarong ever yet with a whooping 5000 participants from all over Malaysia, and even from Indonesia, Brunei and some other countries…


Anyway I stayed for a couple of hours before leaving the festivities to go do something else…

See you at next year’s Keretapi Sarong….

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