Rainforest Lumina 2019 at Singapore Zoo WRS


When the sun sets, and the animals of the Singapore Zoo have drifted off to sleep, 8 adorable animals wake up and begin their  mission to take visitors to the Singapore Zoo on an enchanted night walk which their visitors will not forget in a hurry..


The popular Singapore Zoo which I shared about in my previous post… opens during the day and closes at night but recently, it has taken a new life, one that you can experience when the sun sets and it does not include real animals (you can catch the real animals at night at Singapore Zoo’s sister park, the Night Safari (will share about that in another post)… It actually becomes a whole new mystical and magical world…


Light and music always attracts and somewhat mesmerises people… And understanding this, Wildlife Reserve Singapore (WRS) has come up with the Rainforest Lumina, Asia’s first multi-sensory night walk attraction.. One that blends technology and nature in one magnificent and breathtaking combination..


Firest of all, you are invited to find the Creature Crew you most identify with, perhaps their virtue or well, you can discover yours by taking this little quiz…

Each member of the 8 Creature Crew has a special virtue ranging from Courage, Creativity to Patience etc… All to strengthen the unity among humans, animals and nature…

Just for you to know.. The eight animals and the virtues they represent are:

Maya the Orangutan – Creativity
Waja the Pangolin – Resilience
Poncho the Flying Fox – Generosity
Tairee the White Tiger – Courage
Casquette & Colette, a pair of Hornbills – Teamwork
Bob the Otter – Playfulness
Bisou-Bisou the Chameleon – Passion
Slip the Sloth – Patience

I identifies with Tairee, so I am team Tairee… Hehehe

Once you have identified your virtue, you are invited to be part of the Crew, and begin your multisensory experience into the luminous world with them… Remember, WE ARE ONE


The zoo at night is quite dark… Hahaha… Well at least at first, until you enter the illuminated vines underneath the Treetops Trail with the Rainforest Lumina sign to the boardwalk and Tairee appears at the top of the trees to introduce what Rainforest Lumina is about and sing us a song to cheer you on…

After meeting Tairee, you will come to the Garden of Virtues where you can pick up your wristband from the vase with the animal you identify with…


Wander further until you come to the Luminous Pathway which kind of look like something out of the Avatar movie…


Just follow the illuminated pathway until you come to the “Sing Like An Animal” stop.. Here you get to listen to the music of the Rainforest and sing along… Though I think we had fun making animal sounds and even meowing… Your voices will make the Creature Crew appear… . It’s really quite hilarious and also magical!


Wander further and you will come to Call of The Wild – Watch how the Creature Crew bands together to overcome challenges and protect the rainforest. Be wowed and touched by the visual spectacle projected onto a rocky landscape.


There are plenty of prettily illuminated pathways.. And the Light Huts and Shimmering Islands….


Then you will arrive at the “Play Like An Animal” stop where you are invited to join to jump from lily pad to lily pad to get the animals frolicking along with you… It can be a lot of fun… And you will be surprised to see the creature crew leaping alongside you.. 

Rainforest Lumina 2019 is pretty much an Instagrammer’s dream except for the fact that it can be a bit too dark to take too much good  photos unless you got a great phone or camera..

Overall, we had a great time there and highly recommend it for those who just like something different and interesting..

Address – 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

Website – https://rainforestlumina.wrs.com.sg/#main

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