Exploring the 4 Islands in Krabi with www.klook.com


The small truck arrived at our hotel the Centra Anda Dhevi, right on time and we were off to the Ao Nang Pier where it was pretty crowded… The crowd however began to thin as one by one the boats arrived to pick up their passengers to their different locations from Phi Phi Island Tour, Hong Island and so on..


Once they confirmed our names on the list, we were charged 400 Thai bahts per person for the  National Park Fees… (the National Park Fees varies depending on which island you are going to…

We were on the last speed boat to the 4 Islands tour, and our English speaking guide came to retrieve us… We shared the boat with another 2/3 Chinese mainland tourists and they too had a Chinese speaking guide…


So once everyone had their life jacket on, we headed to our first stop, the Railay Phra Nang Cave and Beach… It is truly a beautiful sandy beach and we could see the princess cave… Only thing was we did not know how to find our way inside that cave barring the tiny grotto shrine with lots and lots of phalluses…


The Phra Nang Princess is a mystical sea princess who is said to reside in a cave on the east side of Railay Beach beneath incredible stalactite overhangs that protrude over the sea….

Thai fishermen would bring their offerings and prayers to the sea princess before leaving on their fishing trips. She is said to protect them from danger and give them great bounty at sea…

The Phra Nang princess is not only important to fishermen but also to people suffering from infertility troubles. Thus you can find all those hand-made phalluses around the cave…

The Princess cave is said to be two caves. One only holds phallic sculptures, incense, flowers and other offerings…


The other (referred to as the inner cave) has a trail that leads into the limestone cliffs to a small hidden pool… I really wanted to get to that Lagoon but I could not find a way in and well we did not have much time as we were only given 20 minutes to explore the beach or swim…

So we headed back to the boat and headed to Poda Island where the boat anchored and we all got to go snorkeling around the area for about 20 minutes… there were plenty of fishes and we had fun….

Then the boat headed to the beach at Poda Island and we stopped there for a picnic styled lunch…


There were tables and benches there but you can also opt to sit on the sandy beach and enjoy your lunch…

They served pretty yummy green curry chicken with mixed vegetables and a generous slice of omelette… It was truly delicious… After we have filled our hungry stomach, we went exploring… And to take more photos..


Poda Island is yet another beautiful white, sandy beach, ideal for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling, of course..


The next stop was at the Tup Island (Tale Wek).. This beautiful tropical island is lovely, and we were lucky the tide was low, thus enabling us to take a nice stroll along the white, sandy sand bank causeway to  the neighbouring island, the Mor Island..


Chicken Island is a unique natural landmark, named for the shape of its unique limestone rock jutting out into the sea pretty much like a chicken head…

The speedboat just paused for some photos of the chicken head limestone Rock before we headed back to Ao Nang Pier…

I guess we were pretty lucky since it was only at the end of our tour when it started raining heavily and people on the boat were splashed with rain… And we got to enjoy our island trip with beautiful sunny weather with also the haze lessening….


For this beautiful experience do look up Klook’s Krabi 4 Islands Day Tour by Speedboat or Longtail Boat or also check out other things to do in Krabi or anywhere else you are heading to for your holidays at www.klook.com

I love using the Klook app because it is pretty cost saving, convenient and just such a hassle free way to plan your holidays…

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