Simplifying and making your Universal Studios Singapore visit time-saving and fun with Klook!!!


You can line up and buy tickets to USS from the ticketing counter… Or, you can be smart and purchase your tickets  to USS in advance via Klook so that you skip all the long queues at ticketing counter….

I, of course opted for the latter option, after doing my research and seeing the deals my  Klook app had to offer.. Once you have paid for the tickets, they will send you your soft copy tickets issued by Klook which you can just  scan at the entrance.. Simple as that..


When you are in a major theme park, you do want to have ample time to spend at the theme park enjoying all the rides and shows, rather than spend most of the time queueing right??? And so, I also recommend you to get your Express pass when buying your tickets…

Every major theme park such as the Universal Studios or Disney franchise will be crowd pullers and thus, there will always be considerable queues leading up to the rides…


I learnt my lesson when I went to Universal Studios Osaka and spent 2 bloody hours queueing for the Harry Potter ride and another 1 and a half hours on the Jaws ride.. And ended up only enjoying 3 rides out of all the rides because of the never ending queues…

Klook is a reliable and authorized online seller of Universal Studios Singapore entry tickets… And considerably cheaper than buying over the ticketing counter….

I swear it is so super convenient, and both time and cost saving…


So for all of us who steadfastly refuse to grow up, and are big kids at heart, you need your Express Pass.. Because with the Express pass, you get to go cut the queues with pride and head straight to the front and received VIP seating for both rides and shows….


For some reason we decided to head to the  ‘Transformers’ ride first… The’ Transformers’ is a 3D ride where you are given 3D glasses and then tucked into a car…


You are suppose to be helping the Autobots defeat the Decepticons.. Your car is hurtling full speed ahead through the city (way faster than any real car could go), and you get dragged through the air by a Decepticon, crash into a building, then free fall off a skyscraper….

The ride gets you feeling like you are being in the Transformers movie…  It’s an incredibly thrilling next-generation ride…

It can be one of the park’s busiest ride… And gather quite a queue… 30 to 40 minutes…  And well we just breezed right up to the front…


Our next ride was on the Battlestar Galactica… It is one of the wildest roller coasters there is and well, the queue is epic… It was not so long yet but just a mere 50 minutes on the Cyclon and a 30 minutes on the Human line…

This duelling coasters features a blue inverted coaster representing the Cylons and the seated red coaster representing the Humans. If you don’t like going upside down, stick with Humans.

The Cylon coaster is amazing.. And does multiple inversions including a cool loop that takes you below ground level through a thick mist… But yes… Be prepared to feel sick or like a drunkard when you complete your ride… I swear I felt like I had 2 glasses of alcohol too many when I got off it…

And wait, what… My friends were dragging me off for the Human coaster without giving my innards a chance to recover…

The Human coaster on the other hand brings you on a speedy ride with stomach-lurching drops, and tight turns. It’s still a lot of fun and both are worth riding…. And YEAH… make that 4 glasses of alcohol too many… I could not walk a straight line for a good half an hour…  Being on a bumpy ship cruise was better, and I wasn’t this sea sick….


Since we have our Express Pass, my best friends seemed to be on a high speed adrenaline rush journey and insisted we go for the Revenge of the Mummy ride… We breezed ahead of the lines again and got into the jeep (I think) that took us into some Pyramid in search for some book.. It gets reallllllllyyy dark inside… And your ride seems to go on forever… The ride accelerates and turns sharply as a door almost close on us… Then it suddenly goes backwards.. We were all laughing weakly while praying we could get away from all these…

Fortunately, after this ride my besties decided to break for lunch… Else my stomach could not take it anymore…


Our next ride after lunch was to the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventures which got me wet….

The round water raft brings you and about 7 others on a nice cruise to meet the robotic dinosaurs along the ‘Jurassic Park’ river…. It seems quite calm and adventurous since you are also listening in to the theme music of Jurassic Park until something unlikely happens and you will be soaking wet!!!!!

There are pretty long queues for this ride… That can drag on into an hour or so… So… an Express pass is heaven sent!!!


Once that was done we went for the tamer rides.. We went into Shrek’s castle and got sneezed on by Donkey and splashed on by whipping cream…


We went on Puss in Boots Roller Coaster which seemed blood thirsty but it was definitely mild and just good fun…

There was also the ‘Madagascar’ Crate Ride which was fun and cute but which made my besties cringe when they came to a waterfall and which we would seemingly get wet before the waterfall parted to allow the boat through and nervous relieved laughs were heard…

Then there was Elmo’s Spaghetti Chase which was just as cute..

And Steven Spielberg’s Light, Camera and Action should not be missed.. As it gives you a chance to experience being in a hurricane with fires happening in the warehouse you are in, strong winds and rain and a ship hurtling towards you….


We couldn’t have covered all rides and enjoyed the performances and catching up. with some of the characters if it wasn’t for our Express Pass…


So if you are heading somewhere with a theme park, be sure to look up Klook and get your tickets and Express Passes there for a hassle free, time saving and cost saving time..

Thank you Klook for making my life so convenient!!!! Go check for all those amazing deals and don’t forget to get your Express Pass where applicable….

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