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Many people think that the Singapore Night Safari and the Singapore Zoo are the same zoo, probably like every other zoo who decides to just extend after hours… But you cannot be more wrong…

The Singapore Night Safari is a totally separate zoo, located  right next door to it’s sister wildlife park, the Singapore Zoo, as well as little sister, the Singapore River Safari (another totally different park) full of animals that do nothing but sleep during the day… The nocturnal animals that get active during nightfall…

The Singapore Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park, is a 13-time winner of the Best Attraction category awarded by Singapore Tourism Board.  There are close to 900 animals from approximately 100 species (of which almost 41 per cent are threatened) that lives here in the 35-hectare park….


It is also where Wildlife Reserves Singapore conserve, rescue and research their animals… And for that, is one of the wildlife parks that has successfully bred a number of endangered species such as the Malayan tigers, Asian elephants, fishing cats, red dholes, anoas, markhors, bantengs, Malayan tapirs and Asian lions, among other threatened species.


A little con of this amazing nocturnal wildlife park is if you expect to come out of the park with amazing pictures… Think again… This is because the park’s lighting is specially designed to be only as bright as the full moon, for the animals comfort when they are awake and active… And flash photography is prohibited, for the animals eye sight as well as your own, soooo you will not get many good pictures… Unless you have some expensive top of the range smartphone, and even then, we all know photographing moving animals or objects in the dark without a flash or lighting is a losing battle…  Accept that you won’t get too many good pictures, but you should really just go for the experience….

So on saying that, I apologise in advance for my so so photos…

We arrived at 6.45pm after skipping out from the Singapore Zoo and was welcomed by the Tumbuakar fire show, with fire breathing tribal warriors showing  their skills as they dance and perform their fiery stunts….

Time: Daily except Wednesdays at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm (and 10pm on weekends and holidays) at the entrance

Once the Tumbuakar fire show was over, one of the staff of the Singapore Night Safari accompanied us inside (skip the long queue) to the Nocturnal Wildlife park and sent us to the specially reserved seat area for the Creatures of the Night Show…


This is one show you do not want to miss.. I was at the Singapore Night Safari a couple of years ago and I missed it because of the rain… It was such a disappointing experience…

And again if you think this show is like any other show, you are mistaken..


At the Creatures of the Night show located at the Amphitheatre (just follow the signages) , you’ll see the natural abilities of some of the most fascinating animals in the park. The show lasts 20 minutes but because it’s so popular, you should try arrive 30 minutes ahead to try get a good seat…


I love how the animals (raccoon, owls, serval, fennec fox, hyena, fishing cat) just show of what comes naturally to them like jumping and such..


Then there are Bubbles and Baby the exemplary recycling otters… One loves to recycle tin cans and the other plastic bottles… But.. Wait..what about that paper carton.. Hey…

Time: 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm and 10:30pm (weather permitting)

Our Night Safari escort caught up with us after the show and took us to the trams for priority boarding (perks of being a blogger/ media)


You should not miss this 40-minute guided tram ride with live commentary, because some of the animals here in the Night Safari, can only be seen here in their free range recreated habitats….


Your tram comes with a guide will tell you facts and stories about the animals and the 6 geographical zones as you drive through them:-
Himalayan Foothills,
Indian Subcontinent
Equatorial Africa
Asian Riverine Forest
Nepalese River Valley
Burmese Hillside

Once your tram ride comes to the end, do continue along the pathway following signage, and explore the trails there is….. Among the trails are :-


Wallaby Trail – this Australasian-inspired trail includes an area where cute little wallabies hop back-and-forth across your path.  There is also a “cave,” with dripping water, nocturnal cave critters are located….


East Lodge Trail – you can see wild African and Asian animals up close here, thanks to glass-fronted enclosures. Highlights include the Malayan tiger and the spotted hyena.


Leopard Trail – the beautiful leopard has his own huge glass-fronted exhibit for your enjoyment. The trail also offers Mangrove Walk and Giant Flying Squirrel Aviary, two walk-through exhibits that allow you to experience creatures swooping around and above you.


Fishing Cat Trail – watch the fishing cat as it tries to reel in its fish dinner in front of your eyes…


My visit to the Singapore Zoo and  Singapore Night Safari were complimentary but the opinions and thoughts here, are my own… Thank you Wildlife Reserves Singapore for the wonderful opportunity…

Website –

Address – 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

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