Non Stop adventures at Paradise Valley Broga


Recently I joined Tourism Selangor for its #DiscoverHuluLangat  Media FAM Trip and we visited Paradise… Literally.. At least for those who are adventurous and active…


OK ok.. Its actually Paradise Valley, a kind of resort that is perfect for team building, gatherings, torture (just kidding though it can be a torture for those who are a bit more old and inactive, like me… One of the few times I acknowledge my age, having to climb up and down the hill) and even weddings or just an exciting activity packed getaway…

Let me see, here at the Paradise Valley you can do flying fox, speed wall climbing, zorb ball, archery, kayaking and Broga Hill hiking (even hiking up and down to your luxury suite on the hill which is already pretty intense exercise if you ask me) and so much more…


We checked into Paradise Valley after an intense morning at Sungai Congkak Skytrex, so yes, my muscles were already screaming and protesting from the sudden shock of hyperactivity..



Our luxury suite was a double story house on the hill, the topmost one called Durian 2 and as to make matters worse, it was on the first floor, so on top. 9f climbing the hill to get to our rooms, we had to climb some stairs…

The room was pretty nice, with 2 single beds plus 2 rollaway beds under the single bed, 1 queen bed, air conditioning and an ensuite bathroom..

And yes, in our lovely Malaysian weather, an air conditioned room is heavenly in combating all that humidity after all your activities outside…


We headed down to the canteen/reception  for our tea, and when it was over, we had to climb up the hill again.. And yours truly could not suppress a groan.. The flying fox tower was about 10 minutes hike from our room which was about a 5 minutes hike from the canteen/reception area..


The flying fox here is different from the other flying foxes and consists of an aerial cable that is used to suspend you in the air as you glide your way from one checkpoint to the other… You can feel the adrenaline rush as you drop and feel the the wind blowing as  you soar through the air to the other side..


From the flying fox, we headed to the watch man tower to challenge each other at speed climbing.. After wearing our harness and safety hat, you will have the chance to try and climb up this 3-storey watchman tower and make your way all up to the top. The watchman tower wall is much easier to climb then the standard rock climbing session as there are bars and grills to hold on to….


You had to press a button to start climbing, then just climb as fast as you can and press the buzzer/timer stop button at the top of the tower.. It was thrilling, fast and we all had a good laugh….

When it was over, we headed back to our room to freshen up before heading down to the canteen/reception for our dinner…


When dinner was over we took up the challenge to warble out a song or two at the karaoke competition before sneaking out to the Sg Lalang Hot Springs to soak the days soreness away…


Sg Lalang Hot Springs is a natural hotspring pool (s) with piping hot water… It feels relaxing in the hot mineral rich water….  (Address – Jalan Sungai Lalang, 43200 Semenyih)

We headed back to our rooms when we got back to Paradise Valley and called it a night…

I was too tired and could not imagine hiking up Broga Hill after all the activities done, but to some of our media friends who were super active, they were up to Broga Hill at the crack of dawn…


I was up, as usual but I was busy trying to watch the sun rise from my balcony instead… But since it was a cloudy morning.. Did not get a chance to see a beautiful sunrise..


We had our breakfast after getting ready and headed to the archery grounds where we learnt the basics of archery (again) and after putting on our safety gear, we pretended to be Robin Hood…


It was fun and tiring and even with the safety gear I managed to bruise my upper arm when I drew back the bowstring to fast (it left a bruise which lasted a few days) but luckily it was worth it as some of my wild arrows manage to land on the target.. Hahaha


Once archery was done, we headed to the futsal field where the Zorb balls were blown up… I did not fancy rolling around on the field in a ball and I was kinda claustrophobic, so I only took some photos and hurriedly get out of the ball…


The last activity we head was kayaking…  You need proper balancing skill to keep your kayak going and not overturning.. And since most of us had a partner on the kayak, we also needed teamwork to get the kayak moving… I know my partner and I hit paddles a few times being out of sync..


But it surely was a lot of fun rowing around the man made pond… And since the pond was only 4 feet deep, most of us skipped the life jacket… And all of them who were last left on the kayak eventually overturned or forcibly overturned or dragged into the pond by our oh so wicked friends…


Overall it was a fun filled stay at the Paradise Valley, and one I surely love to repeat again soon with my other buddies…


Thank you Tourism Selangor and also the team from Paradise Valley Broga for this awesome activity packed stay… It really was tiring but so worth all the aches and pain…

Website –

Address –
Lot 1742 & 1369, Jalan Tarun Broga,
43500 Semenyih

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