McDonald’s Back to School 2019


Being from a lower medium income family, I personally know how it feels like to want to have new “back to school supplies” and almost not being able to afford to..Being from a lower to medium income family, I personally know how it feels like to want to have new “Back-To-School supplies” and almost not being able to afford to..

And likewise, as a single mom, there are challenging times when I struggle to put food on the table, pay the household bills, and when year-end comes, I struggle to get my daughter her new school stuff… So yes, I can imagine those who are even less fortunate then me…


And with that, I am glad to know as well as share that McDonald’s Malaysia and Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Malaysia has launched their 3rd (year) “Back-to-School” 2019 programme…


This year, some 30,000 urban poor and underprivileged primary school children nationwide will be receiving “Back-to-School” packs to boost up these kid’s motivation and the drive to study hard when attending school.

McDonald’s has a ‘Scale for Good’ strategy which leverages its brand name to create a positive impact on communities, societies, and the planet….


And a whooping RM3 million was successfully raised under this programme this year to ease the financial burdens of low-income as well as urban poor families ahead of the upcoming school year….

After all, McDonald’s Malaysia knows how important it is to have a good education, and that each Malaysian kid needs to be given the right opportunities to succeed… Thus with this contribution, families with lower incomes can be slightly more relieved…


The “Back-to-School” programme this year will be the largest so far, with RM3 million raised. In 2018, McDonald’s Malaysia delivered “Back-to-School” packs worth RM1.7 million to 17,000 primary school students, compared to the previous year, which saw McDonald’s Malaysia and RMHC reaching out to 6,000 students with RM1.2 million raised.

Each child will receive a “Back-to-School” pack, that consists of a set of school uniform, a pair of shoes, and a school bag worth RM100 under this programme. This programme is a reflection of McDonald’s Malaysia’s commitment in continuously making a positive impact in the communities that the organisation operates in.


McDonald’s Malaysia’s corporate social responsibility initiative is also in line with the nine core milestones outlined by the Ministry of Education, which includes providing undivided attention to students from the B40 group, as well as placing students at the core of every initiative.

Helping the underprivileged community is a core value of McDonald’s Malaysia, and McDonald’s Malaysia is delighted with the generous donations from their business partners, franchisees, employees, and customers. With the “Back-to-School” packs provided to their children, parents now have the option of spending on other necessities.


23,000 children have benefitted from this program since its inception in 2017, where 6,000 children had received the backpacks in 2017 (investment of RM1.2 million), and 17,000 children in 2018 (investment of RM1.7 million)…

The Back-to-School programme is one of the initiatives under the Ministry of Education’s collaboration programme with McDonald’s Malaysia in 2019. Not only that, but it is also part of McDonald’s and RMHC Community Programme which is held annually, to bring cheer to children in need through various engagements such as educational trips, pediatric ward visits, spring cleaning, as well as Children’s Day celebrations at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.

Among McDonald’s Malaysia’s partners who have contributed to the initiative include Kerry Ingredients Sdn Bhd, Visa Worldwide Pte. Limited, Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Kumpulan Hartanah Selangor Bhd, Aladdin Pacific (M) Sdn Bhd, Glades Guppy Packaging Malaysia Sdn Bhd, and Huhtamaki Foodservice Malaysia Sdn Bhd.


Deputy Education Minister YB Teo Nie Ching was also present at the event as the guest of honour to help distribute “Back-to-School” packs at Sekolah Kebangsaan Klang Gate recently….


So with that, why don’t we, as Malaysians help do our little part for society and donate towards RMHC Malaysia through the donation box at any McDonald’s restaurants… You can also do an online transfer at

And well, do also watch this video to get an idea what this project is all about… :

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