Samosir Island – Huta Siallagan


Huta Siallagan is an ancient village for a cannibalistic Batak ethnic group (once upon a time, they don’t eat people now, else I won’t be here writing this story, right?! )


Anyway, we were warmly welcomed and took part in their welcome dance and had an amazing whale of the time dancing their dance which came with simple steps… It did feel awkward at first but once we got into the hang of it, truly so much fun..

The ancient Siallagan tribe is believed to have mystical powers (but then again don’t people in ancient times all have some sort of mystical powers, irregardless from where they are?!) and will eat the hearts and liver of their enemies with equally mystical powers and strength as to “add” to their powers…


I love this place as you will find some Bolon and Sopo Batak traditional houses all in a nice row, as well as two sets of large carved stone chairs encircling a stone table, known as Batu Parsidangan…


The stones chairs here are believed to be over 500 years old and used for judgement and trial under a sacred tree called Hariara, whereas another set is used for executions…


I was more then happy to be able to take a sit at the King’s siblings seat at the judgement circle underneath the shady and somewhat mysterious Hariara tree…


Our guide was an old but regal looking man, believed to be a 17th generation King of the Huta Siallagan named Gading Jansen Siallagan, he is also currently the head tour guide of Samosir Tourism…


He gave us a rough idea how it was back in the days of his ancestors and how a criminal was judged and eventually executed as well as made us laugh with his “mystical predictions” after consulting the Batak calendar and the Batak shaman’s book of rituals which was that today was a good day to visit Huta Siallagan, today is a good day to buy souvenirs and today is a good day to perform an execution…

This is a beautiful place to learn more about the Bataks of Danau Toba as well as their culture.. It is also a nice place for photography…


Address- Huta Siallagan, Ambarita, Simanindo, Kabupaten Samosir, Sumatera Utara 22395

Heartfelt thanks to KBRI Kuala Lumpur, Tourism Indonesia for this kind opportunity and to Jaslin Puasa and Abang Fadli for the kind recommendations

Photos from Jaslin Puasa, Hasif Hamsyari, Ika Syafarey and Zhafran

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