SPG by Bijan – A Night of 1950s Glamour

SPG is an acronym for Sarong Party Girls referring to Asian women whose preference is to date a Westerner….


SPG by Bijan, is almost the same with being the younger flirtatious and playful sister to the classy Malay fine dining restaurant, Bijan…


The vibe at SPG by Bijan is vibrant, playful and pretty Nyonya style vintage.. With splash of colours alongside rattan and vintage lounge chairs, and blue honeycomb tiles….


The bar is a sight to behold with Nyonya styled tiles and dark velvety bar stools..


Yours truly was over there for their A Night of 1950s Glamour, where guests came in an assortment of 1950s style from being ready to hit some fancy Gala dinner in glamourous sparkly gowns, fancy cheongsam’s and to some who are ready for a relaxing night in just plain shirts and sarongs…


As we sat around marvelling and nibbling on old fashioned snacks from yesteryears…


The waiters brought over tiny nibbles for us to indulge in such as their Keropok-Kerepek, a small paper sack of crispy homemade crackers made from natural ingredients including sago with squid ink, belinjau and santan (fresh coconut milk) served with two types of sambal dips, and I swear I cannot decide which sambal is my favorite.. Whether it is the red sambal or the sambal hijau…


We were then served hor d’oeuvres sized of some of SPG’s favorites such as the Ah Ran Sini, a deep-fried delicious ball made  stuffed nasi lemak and anchovy mayo…


And some super yummy Pais Barramundi – tiny squares of barramundi which has been mixed with turmeric, spices, coconut wrapped lovingly with banana leather?! Or something banana… Hahaha…

We also got to try Sekinchan made from tricoloured rice and quinoa with pulled chicken, Asian pesto, rice crackers and crispy chicken skin… But in the party I thought it was “pulut hitam” (black glutinous rice) made rice… As it certainly looked and tasted like it…

The Bakar-bakar station was popular with troves of guests heading there for their bakar-bakar (grill)….


We indulged got to in some lovely beef and  grilled lamb shoulder , which was served lovingly marinated and tender to be accentuated by your choice of sambal hitam,  hijau and merah… Each sambal had distinct effects and flavours on the meat….

We also loved the grilled calamari paired with sambal belacan…


As well as all those satay daging and ayam spears…

And well, do not forget to quench your thirst with their mock tails, I loved their Blue Pea Tonic (basically just honey, lemon and blue pea flower) served with a stalk lemon grass which somehow I once mistook as a straw (go on and laugh) or if you are a non-Muslim, their vast variety of interesting cocktails, one even made with pickled petai/stink beans…


SPG By Bijan is a Modern Malaysian pork-free restaurant and after that little teaser at the party I know I can’t wait to visit again for a proper meal, soon…

Address – SPG By Bijan 3A, Jalan Ceylon,
Bukit Ceylon, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

IG – https://instagram.com/spgbybijan

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