Visiting Seri Perdana Complex, Putrajaya


On a recent Media Familiarisation trip in Putrajaya, by Gaya Travel Magazine and Perbadanan Putrajaya, we had the opportunity to visit the Seri Perdana Complex recently… If you do not know it, the Seri Perdana Complex is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia…


The palatial Seri Perdana Complex is often used for welcoming state leaders, heads of government, state dignitaries and also the public…


Most people do not know it but you can actually visit certain parts of the Seri Perdana complex, namely the Protocol Block and Banquet Block and get a feel or a sneak peek as to how it feels like being a VVIP visiting the Prime Minister… (though we did not get an opportunity to actually meet our beloved Tun M) but of course there are certain protocols and rules to be observed…

For example… You have to be decently dressed in smart casual or formal clothing… No short pants, short skirts, sleeveless shirts, slippers are allowed…

Normal visitors are not allowed to bring in all form of cameras, smart phones and IT tablets nor any form of bags or luggage into the complex…

You are only allowed to have your photograph taken at the welcoming area’s designated spot such as the staircase area and near the lift where Tun M and Tun Siti Hasmah’s painting hangs by a photographer appointed by the complex management…

Seri Perdana Complex is located at Precint 10 in Putrajaya, and it was built with a combination of Malay, Islamic and European architectural, landscape and design heritage, back in 1997…


We were escorted by our designated tour guide and some of the security personnel and staff from the Prime Ministers department….

Our first visit was at the which was up the stairs from the welcoming area…


This block is considered the BANQUET BLOCK and consists of the official banquet hall and exhibition gallery…

The Banquet hall is used to entertain guests of the state and this beautiful French styled banquet Hall with blue skies and crystal chandeliers can accommodate up to 300 guests… The blue skies are actually photographs taken of the Putrajaya skies turned into wallpaper… The marble walls are made from a mixture of Langkawi and Sabahan marble…

The gallery is a beautiful exhibition area where visitors can view the collection of gifts, awards and souvenirs of our Prime Minister given by local and foreign dignitaries.

From the BANQUET Block, we headed to the PROTOCOL Block, consisting of several main rooms used to welcome heads of state, heads of government as well as  local and foreign dignitaries….

There is the Main Guest Salon where our PM welcomes his official guests… This room is also used for closed door discussions with heads of state and heads of government..


Then there is the Special Guest Salon which is a main reception area for official guests….


There are also two special Waiting Rooms, one for the gentlemen and one for ladies to wait in…


As well as a beautiful prayer room…

We also saw the Meeting Room which is used by the Prime Minister for meetings with official guests.


Then there is a Special Dining Hall located right at the front of the Special Guest Salon and is used for official banquets for heads of state, heads of government and local and foreign dignitaries. It can accommodate up to 80 guests…

Tun M will only be here at the Seri Perdana Complex for official events…


At other times the Seri Perdana Complex is opened from 9am to 4pm (last admission about 3.30pm) and via appointments daily except on Fridays and Public Holidays


For application, please submit your application online or email to , at least 7 days before the date of the tour.

Anyway, am so grateful and feel so blessed being able to enter and look around our beloved PM’s official residence… And would highly recommend it to everyone as well..

Apply here

Seri Perdana Complex, Persiaran Seri Perdana, Precinct 10, 62502 Putrajaya Malaysia

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