Desa Wisata Kandri, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia


Desa Wisata Kandri (Kandri Tourist Village) is the ideal place for escaping the rat race and those wanting a feel of serene, laid back, rural “kampung” or village life…


Desa Wisata Kandri is for travelers who want to experience how the locals live their life every day in one of the villages of Semarang…


This tourism village offers 200 homestay with about 355 rooms and many activities to choose from, mostly related to agriculture and local culture….

You can put on that cute cone-shaped hat and learn about the local agriculture, how to plant rice or cassava in paddy fields… Or make own food from the cassava…


Join in the cultural performance at night in the forest and learn some traditional dances or how to play the various local traditional musical instruments…


There is a tram or “odong-odong” to ferry you around the village and you will be in good hands with your “adoptive family” for the duration of your stay…


During my very short stay at the Desa Wisata Kandri, my friend and I lived with Ibu Ning, a retired teacher who barely looked her age..


She was very hospitable and friendly and prepared a huge breakfast for two of us…


In the evening we had an amazing time playing the drums and dancing with the local youths as well as karaoke-ing in the forest…

Desa Wisata Kandri
Kandri, Gunung Pati
Semarang City, Central Java 50222


Goa Kreo is a tourist destination, very near to the Desa Wisata Kandri… It is a place full of monkeys and also legends…


The Kreo Cave, is said to be the place Sunan Kalijaga meditated…

Born as Raden Mas Said son of a Regent of Tuban in East Java, Indonesia, Sunan Kalijaga was one of the “nine saints” of Islam (Wali Sanga) widely known in Indonesia… Among his missionary activities (dawah), he built two mosques, Masjid Agung Cirebon and Masjid Agung Demak…


If you are visiting Kreo Cave, you will come across many (long tailed macaques) monkeys that live wildly but are pretty much accustomed to the presence of tourists…

There are monkeys on the main land to the bridge and the small island the cave is situated smacked in the middle of Jatibarang lake…


You have to walk across the small bridge to reach Kreo cave (psst.. Going to island is easy.. But coming back from the island can be tiring since you have to climb about 100 steps)…


There are two caves on the island.. One of the cave is the Kreo cave where can find a small chamber with a small statue of Hanuman,..


…and next to the kreo cave is  another cave that is called landak cave (probably named after the porcupines found there in the past).


Both of these caves are pretty small, so it is nice just for a nice stroll or just to enjoy the scenery early in the morning or in the evening…

Address – Jl. Raya Goa Kreo, Kandri, Kec. Gn. Pati, Kota Semarang, Central Java 50222

This trip to Dieng and Semarang was made possible via an invite from the Central Java Tourism and also the Kedutaan Besar Republic of Indonesia

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