Madagascar The Musical, Malaysia 2019


Based on the smash hit Dreamworks animated movie, “Madagascar The Musical” debuted its South East Asia show in Kuala Lumpur at the Plenary Hall KL Convention Centre…


The story follows four New York City Zoo animals, Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo who left their comfortable lives at the New York Central Park Zoo to end up in the middle of Madagascar where they meet the eccentric King Julien…

Having a little bit of a mid-life crisis, after celebrating his 10th birthday, Marty the zebra wishes that he could visit the wild… After a bunch of crazy penguins accidently announced their plan to escape when they stumbled into his zoo enclosure, Marty follows suit and breaks free….

Discovering that their friend has gone, Alex the lion, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo, go on a mission to find him and bring him back to the zoo before they are spotted missing….

Madagasscar the Musical - Jamie Lee-Morgan, Matt Terry, Antoine Murray-Straughan Timmika

But before they can make it back, the group has been found missing and hunters are sent out after them and they get shot with tranquilizers…. They wake up to find they’re en-route to an African wildlife reserve in crates…


The penguins however escapes from their crates and conquers the ship, which then got them crashing the ship…  The animals then find themselves lost on the island of Madagascar, where they then meet King Julien, the vain party-loving lemur, and his tribe who plot to keep them there since Alex can scare away fossas…


The Plenary Hall at the KL Convention Centre is transformed into a colourful jungle world of Madagascar with props and backgrounds depicting the animated movie..

Produced in UK, in collaboration with DreamWorks, Madagascar The Musical is a theatre with real actors as well as puppeteers features iconic songs including “I Like to Move It, Move It”

Directed by Kirk Jameson and Chereographed by Fabian Aloise, the cast of 10 consists of actors and puppeteers. Joseph Connor (a top West End actor) plays the lead as Alex the Lion, alongside Posi Morakinyo (Marty), Connor Dyer (Melman), Hannah Victoria (Gloria) and Kieran Mortell (King Julien). These top five actors are brilliant delivering an amazing performance, even making the dancing look easy in those large costumes..


I was one of the lucky few who had a chance of visiting backstage and it was a wondrous little adventure getting to see how they set up the stage, and all the machinery, back ground, puppets and props that came in 10 containers and took 2 days to set up..

William Beckerleg who plays Skipper and Maurice on stage showed us how the bring the heavy puppets to life, and it was definitely no easy feat..

Madagascar the Musical is set to be in KL until 8th December 2019, so hurry get your tickets now…


For tickets and info visit:

Show date : 5th to 8th December 2019
Venue : Plenary Hall KL Convention Centre
Ticket Prices: RM498 (Premium), RM368 (VIP), RM268 (Cat A), RM188 (Cat B), RM98 (Cat C)

Ticket prices are subject to RM4 ticketing fee and you can also get 25% off with your Maybank Cards….

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