ERL Covid19 Safety Measures

I have started traveling, have you?


Anyway it is time to travel, and learn to appreciate our own country… Time for Malaysians to visit the rest of Malaysia, your favorite states as well as the places you have not yet been to…

Life is all just so short and we never know what happens next.. So while we are alive, while we still can travel, let’s do so, but of course do take some precaution as not taking any precaution is just foolish..

There are 4 ways to get to the airport, the airport bus, Grab, get a kind hearted friend to send you or well, my favorote and the fastest way to travel – ERL –Express Rail Link (KLIA Ekspres) …

However, those who are super cautious wonder what measures are being taken to protect our health abd safety against the threat of Covid19 and also other potential virus threats (cause, face it, Covid19 is not the only thing we need worrying about nor will it be the last thing /virus we worry about ….


I am pretty impressed with ERL’s efforts, which focuses on 5 key areas, which are passengers, staff, trains, stations, and awareness… 

ERL passengers should try to go cashless for a safer purchase experience which means buying your tickets online or well, paying using your e wallet… 


Buying ticket online was pretty easy as I had my ticket sent to my email and ready to use.. Just enlarge and screenshot the QR code and you can use it at the turnstiles….

Screenshot_20200723_1123132020-07-14 12_07_58.244+0800_copy_1224x918

Just as you arrive at KLSentral or before you board the train, you have to go through the regular SOP of checking in with your MySejahtera app, and having your temperatures taken…  

Passengers who are found with body temperature of 37.5°C or higher will not be allowed to board….


The ERL staff are practising strict cleaning regimen in order to meet and exceed the highest standards of safety and hygiene, with the cleaning frequency of high contact areas at stations being tripled throughout the day…. 


The trains’ interior on the other hand are done on a nightly basis where careful deep cleaning, including disinfection and steam cleaning of
train seats are done…

As this is something everyone has to contribute in part, all passengers are advised to continue practising good personal hygiene as well as maintaining a safe distance from each other and minimising interaction with other passengers…

Passengers have to wear a face mask on the train  and hand sanitisers  are available at all ticket counters….

And then before you know it, you have arrived at the airport bright and bushy and ready for your adventure (ok, I was kind of talking about myself)


For more on ERL / KLIA Ekspres, please head to their website –

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