Sunway Lost World of Tambun’s Dragon Lair Adventure….


Was back at at my favourite theme park of all…. The Sunway Lost World of Tambun for the launch of The Dragon’s Lair Adventure at the Malayana Rainfortress….


There’s always so much to do, enjoy and indulge in here and the 4D cinematic Dragon Lair Adventure tube ride in South East Asia is definitely going to wow you!!!!

Why not since you will be drifting away on South East Asia’s Longest Man-Made River (certified by Malaysia Book of Records) as well as the First Cinematic Tube Ride in South East Asia….

Yeah, that’s right, realease your stress and worries and just grab one of those rubber tubes and float alongthe 660 meters long Malaysia’s longest man made adventure river which are surrounded by 20 feet twin waterfalls, caves and lush vegetations along the way before you arrive at the Dragon’s Lair…..


It comes with a new original story and a fantastic attraction theme song and bring you into a colourful neon glow in the dark world before you venture into the dragon’s lair.. Be very quiet as you don’t really want to wake the sleeping dragon up and face the consequences…

The 4D cinematic experience uses the latest technologies to create an incredible dimensional experience…

Of course, don’t forget to check out other parts of The Sunway Lost World, which has been beautifully tucked away at the edge of the ancient limestone hills…


Stay a couple of days or more at the stylish and comfortable Sunway Lost World of Tambun Hotel… The rooms are all sanitised and clean and the buffet breakfast exceeds my expectation woth sterilised cutleries and plates…

And of course.. Do not forget to watch the flaming percussion as well as dip yourselves in the restorative minerals of the hot spring….

I have to say I have found a new friend here too.. He’s Todd the bengal at Catopia… Isn’t he just so handsome…


But of course there are the other maine coons and persians there, too haughtily vying for your attention…..


And of course… My visit to the Sunway Lost World of Tambun is never complete without visiting Rosie the hyena or the gentle Juwita the hippopotamus….

Address Р1 Persiaran Lagun Sunway, Sunway City, 31150 Ipoh 


For more info, check out

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