Gerak Angin- first Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival debuting on MALAYSIA DAY

I am pretty excited and if you are a fan of arts and culture, you would be too… The curtains are set to rise on Gerak Angin – the first Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival!!!

Celebrating the very best of Malaysia’s culture, arts and heritage through modern mediums – the fully digital festival will premiere on 16 September, in conjunction with Malaysia Day.  I don’t know about you, but I am thrilled and cannot wait to see this…

Spearheaded by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Gerak Angin is organised by Masakini Theatre Company, Sutra Foundation and Surprise Ventures.

The festival has assembled over 200 individuals from across Malaysia’s performing arts scene – including artists, cameramen, lighting crew, equipment contractors and more. The artists will gather to showcase a diverse range of music, dance and theatre performances across 17 days – from 16 September to 2 October.

Commenting on Gerak Angin, Dato’ Sri Nancy Shukri, Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia said, “The Festival truly embodies the national artistic and cultural spirit through the companies involved and the performances, and we are proud to be the face for Gerak Angin. Gerak Angin captures the essence of being Malaysian and more importantly these rousing performances will surely reawaken and uplift spirits, something we all need at this time.”

In celebration of the impending launch, the organisers hosted a special screening event. The event gathered Gerak Angin participants, other members of the performing arts community as well as members of the media.

They witnessed the premiere of the full Festival-trailer that featured a look at all 17 captivating performances that will greet audiences once the Gerak Angin festival begins.

Those in attendance were also treated to an exclusive first-look at Gerak Angin: Episode One that features a brilliant musical performance steeped in traditional Kelantanese culture by Geng Wak Long.

“Gerak Angin is going to be a truly unique festival not only for its fully digital nature, but also for the immensely vibrant collective of arts and artists that it showcases,” said Puan Sri Sabera Shaik, Artistic Director of Masakini Theatre Company and Artistic Director for the Theatre genre of Gerak Angin

“Malaysian performing artists are incredibly talented and Gerak Angin provides them with a platform to showcase their majestic performances that capture the very soul of Malaysia. This will be the perfect Malaysia Day gift for every patriotic Malaysian who is as proud of our cultural heritage and talent as I am,” added Puan Sri Sabera.

Everyday of the Festival will see a fresh episode uploaded and made available on the Festival’s YouTube Channel and wherever you are, you can watch it!!!! – and website – Each episode lasts between 10 to 15 minutes. 

Shot in spectacular high-definition 4K at the famed Studio Ramli Hassan and other select locations, Gerak Angin will give fans and newcomers alike a never before seen experience of Malaysian performing arts.

Content will be delivered via the most accessible digital platforms and served in easily digestible chunks providing for the best bet at broadening the appeal of cultural Malaysian arts.

Gerak Angin was conceptualised to breathe new life into the performance arts scene in Malaysia,” said Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, Chairman of Sutra Foundation and Artistic Director for the Dance and Music genres of Gerak Angin. “After a tumultuous few months due to the pandemic – that severely impacted many artists, we are confident that Gerak Angin can stir the winds that will lift the entire performing arts scene to new heights.”

“With a truly borderless approach  – whether in terms of duration, cost or accessibility, I believe Gerak Angin represents the very best shot we have of increasing the awareness and appreciation for the arts. Through Gerak Angin I think everyone from every walk of life will find something to enjoy or be inspired by,” added Datuk Ramli.

Amongst the musical performances to be featured in Gerak Angin are Geng Wak Long, KL Jazz & Arts Centre and Pusat Budaya Pusaka, whereas dance production companies are Sutra Foundation, Dua Space Dance Theatre and Cempaka Performing Arts Company. Rounding out the three genres will be theatre companies such as KL Shakespeare Players, STEPS, ACX Productions and Theatrethreesixty.

Gerak Angin premieres on 16 September 2020 at 9pm and will be available on demand at the Festival’s website or YouTube Channel To stay up to date on the Festival’s progress, follow Gerak Angin on Facebook or Instagram through

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